Next-Level Luxury Security Vehicles

Want to drive like Batman? These vehicles offer features that will allow you to do just that.

Did you know that 80 – 90% of terrorist attacks take place while the victims of these attacks are in their vehicles? There are over 100,000 armored security vehicles on the road today. The average person may have encountered one of these specially equipped cars, SUVs, and trucks already, but they’d never know it because these vehicles look like any other luxury vehicle from the outside. Inside, however, they are anything but ordinary.


Why the Wealthy are Investing in Bulletproof Vehicles

Many parts of the world are plagued with violence, from terrorist attacks to war zones to kidnappings. In these places, the wealthy have been purchasing armored vehicles for many years. However, these vehicles have not been as popular in the United States until recent increases in social unrest made the wealthy begin fearing for their own safety. Today politicians, diplomats, and executives can often be found driving these vehicles worldwide, courtesy of companies such as International Armoring Corporation, Conquest Vehicles, Alpine Armoring Designs, Armortek, INKAS Armored, Texas Armoring Corporation, and more.


The Ultimate Getaway Vehicles

Many of these features will be familiar to you because we have all seen them in action movies. You don’t need to be a superhero or an international spy to own a vehicle that will allow you to reach your definition safely, to throw pursuers off the trail, and, if necessary, to defend yourself.


The options that are available for these vehicles are insane. There is really nothing these companies haven’t thought of. You can order a luxury car, SUV, or truck equipped with everything from bulletproof vests to first aid kits. These cars are also available with heavy-duty 80 AMP batteries, front and rear ram bumpers, roadblocks, and even IED jamming systems that have been specifically designed to counter roadside bombs.


By the time you’re finished reading this detailed list of the features that are available, you’re going to be wondering why you don’t own one of these super-cars already.


Remote Start

You don’t even have to be inside one of these vehicles to start it. If you’re trying to get away fast, this is a feature you definitely want to have because it will allow you to jump in and race away without wasting time starting your car up. After all, when every second counts, those are precious seconds you can’t afford to waste.


Bomb Blankets

If you’re concerned about hand grenades and pipe bombs, you’ll want to have a bomb blanket in your vehicle. These innovative blankets are designed to absorb the impact from improvised explosive devices, and they will lessen the impact of shrapnel while absorbing the impact from a blast.


Road Tacks

We’ve all seen these in cartoons and movies, but who knew road tacks were something people are already using in real life? Having a vehicle equipped with a road tack dispenser means you will be able to remotely release tacks that will tear the tires of anyone who is pursuing you to shreds. And yes, there is a red button marked “tacks” you will be able to push. How much fun would that be?


External Mic

You’ll love the mobile communications capabilities these vehicles come equipped with. The external mic will allow you to enjoy protected communication with anyone outside your vehicle, whether they are a threat or not. You won’t have to worry about opening yourself up to danger by exiting your vehicle for necessary communication when you have this capability.


Run-Flat Tire Systems

With run-flat tires, you won’t have to worry about being stopped while you’re trying to escape because you have a flat tire. These tires will carry you at 50 – 70 miles per hour, which is fast enough to escape the vast majority of dangerous situations.


Smoke Screen

When the SHTF, this feature will allow you to become a magician and do a disappearing act with the touch of a button. The machine works by heating an oil-based mixture that will mix with the air and condense into a mist that will render you invisible. It’s an especially fun way to throw someone off your trail, too.


Oil Slick

The oil slick feature is just what it sounds like—with this option, you’ll be able to release a slippery trail of oil behind your vehicle that will prevent any vehicle that is trailing you from continuing. In ideal conditions, it’ll cause them to crash and render them immobile, giving you plenty of opportunity to escape.


Electric Shock Handles

One excellent way to keep unwanted intruders from entering your vehicle is to shock them with a 120-volt current when they touch your door handles. Who is going to be able to climb into your car while they’re being shocked? No one, and that’s exactly the way you want it.



Last on our list, but definitely not least—weapons. You can get a security vehicle with forward-facing M16 assault weapons, rear-facing mine-launching tubes, and more. There are options for 9-millimeter Uzis, 44 magnums, and any other weapon you can dream of. If you can shoot it, a luxury security vehicle maker can build it.




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Meet the king of bulletproof cars.


Helicopter Owners SHTF Guide

When time is of the essence you need to fly over the disaster. This is the way to do it.

The ultra-wealthy keep a private helicopter gassed up, stocked, and ready to go at all times. Any escape plan made by wealthy politicians involves helicopter transport at some point. Why? Because they know their lives literally depend on it. If you’re a person of means who is concerned about nuclear attacks, natural disasters, and social unrest, it’s time for you to consider investing in a private helicopter.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

First things first: let’s talk cost. You can find a range of single-engine turbine helicopters in the $3M to $4M range. Twin-engine models are available in the $5M to $10M range. Some of the most expensive helicopter models can go well up into the millions. One thing to keep in mind is the more you spend, the more people you can take with you, the father you can go, and the faster you can do it. More expensive models hold more fuel, and some will be able to take you as many as 350 miles before you have to stop to refuel.


The Airbus H155 will run you a cool $10M. For your investment you’ll be treated to refreshing air conditioning, supple leather seats, and an in-flight entertainment system. The AgustaWestland AW609 costs $14M, and it’s worth every penny because it flies twice as fast as a typical helicopter while giving the operator the ability to take off and land vertically. When your landing options are limited, this is incredibly important.


Stratford, Connecticut is the home of Lockheed-Martin’s airport manufacturer Sikorsky, who are innovators in autonomous flight technology. They have developed a pilotless helicopter that is capable of taking people with no helicopter flight experience on guided tours. While this technology is simply incredible, it’s also completely unrealistic in a crisis situation. Especially if an EMP attack is involved. Owning your helicopter outright is the ideal situation, because at TEOTWAWKI it’s not going to be possible to rent. However, for the time being, renting may be the way to go while you decide what your next move will be and which features work best for your needs.


You don’t have to buy a helicopter in order to learn how to fly one. Another option you may want to consider is a fractional corporate lease. For a few thousand a month, you’ll be allotted a certain number of hours to use the helicopter. This bundle deal offers convenience because it includes things owners have to worry about like fuel, oil, insurance, and landing fees.


If you’re primarily using a helicopter to avoid a long, crowded commute or to fly out to the islands for a weekend, then you will be able to decide whether you want to fly or be flown by a professional pilot. In a SHTF situation, it is highly likely that you will have no such luxury. The time it would spend to wait for your personal pilot to arrive could mean the difference between life and death—and what if he’s unable to arrive at all? This is why it is essential that you receive helicopter training.


What You’ll Need to Get Your Helicopter Pilot License

There are some requirements to get your license here in the United States, such as being at least 17 years old and being able to speak, read, and write in English. These shouldn’t be a problem for you. After all, you ascend to your financial position because you aren’t a quick thinker. To get your license you must:

  • Pass a practical test
  • Pass a written test
  • Be endorsed by an instructor
  • Meet the aeronautical experience requirements
  • Hold a student pilot certificate
  • Comply with Federal Aviation Regulations


Most areas have flying schools where you’ll be able to get the minimum required 40 hours of training (and possibly many more), which can easily take a year to complete. You’ll need 20 hours of training from an authorized instructor and 10 hours of solo flight training. This will include three hours of cross-country, three takeoffs and landings, and more. You can do home study, but spending time with an instructor is a much more valuable use of your time and resources. They are knowledgeable and you can ask them questions as they come up. There are other courses you may also want to consider, depending upon your unique needs and your location, such as open-water and winter survival courses.


What You’ll Need On-Board

Despite the luxury features and amenities that are available in today’s most upscale helicopters, the model you choose and what you bring onboard are a matter of survival. You’ll want to make sure you have everything you’ll need ready to go ahead of time, in case you need to take off in a hurry. In your helicopter survival kit, you’ll want to keep a sleeping bag, warm clothing, a first aid kit, an axe and a bow saw, your essential survival tools and personal items, and, of course, firearms and plenty of ammo. You’ll also want to make sure you have aircraft maps of your area and enough jet fuel on-hand to get to your final destination, wherever it may be.



These are the Top 10 most luxurious helicopters in the world.


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Could Your Luxury Vehicle Survive an EMP Attack?

Print this now because you won’t be able to after an EMP attack.

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer believes an electromagnetic pulse attack is the biggest threat facing the US today, and it’s hard to deny he’s right. Enemies of the United States are hard at work developing weapons that can deliver our doom by detonating a missile or satellite miles above us. There is virtually no aspect of our society that won’t be affected, if not completely annihilated, by an EMP attack, but you are in a position to prepare yourself right now.


Due to the way the electric grid is designed in this country, once the first strike hits critical substations, the rest will fall quickly, giving you little chance to act. This is not the time you want to discover your pricey escape vehicle didn’t fare will in an attack.

What Are EMPs?

EMPs are pulses of energy that have the power to take out the grid, and they can be emitted from a nuclear blast and in other situations, including those related to natural phenomena. The threat of an EMP attack is serious enough that earlier this year President Trump issued “Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses.” If the billionaire sitting in the White House is taking this threat seriously, you should, too. There are any number of countries who potentially pose a threat, including Russia, China, North Korea, and even potentially Iran and Pakistan. An EMP attack would be catastrophic, crippling the economy and the military and resulting in an immediate state of chaos.

Should I Protect My Vehicles?

According to the Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, most automobiles will experience few effects at EMP field levels below 25 kV/m, with approximately 10% being seriously affected by higher field levels. Most automobiles won’t require any extra steps to end up okay in an EMP attack, even those with features that rely upon computers. However, we all know how expensive survival vehicles can be. If you have made a considerable investment into your survival vehicle fleet, you may want to consider using a conductive cloth that is made specially for protecting vehicles and generators in an EMP attack to add an extra layer of protection. You can afford it, so it doesn’t make any sense to skip this step.

Russia alone has the capability to hit the US with 2,000 EMP bursts that will fry virtually everything in the country. We’ll have no phones, no computers, no electricity, and for most, no survival supplies. You invested considerably in your survival, and the time to act to protect this investment is now, because there is nowhere in this country that will be outside of the effects of such an attack. Even your mountain hideaway won’t be safe, but you have to be able to get to that hideaway first if you want to find out for yourself.

If and when an EMP attack strikes, these are the areas you’ll want to avoid:

  • Congested cities
  • Large towns
  • Nuclear power plants

And, of course, it goes without saying you’ll want to avoid North Korea, LOL.

An EMP attack probably won’t kill you, but in the aftermath there will be plenty of conditions that will. There will be murders, automobile accidents, and endless other terrifying and potentially lethal threats.

About EMP attacks, Singer issued the following warning to investors. (Hint: that means YOU.)


“While these pages are typically chock full of scary or depressing scenarios, there is one risk that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest in terms of the scope of potential damage adjusted for the likelihood of occurrence, ” Singer wrote to clients of his $24.8 billion Elliott Management on Monday in a standard investment update letter. “Even horrendous nuclear war, except in its most extreme form, can [be] a relatively localized issue, and the threat from asteroids can (possibly) be mitigated.”

The billionaire further warned that it was only two years ago that a natural EMP event happened when the sun released a Carrington-magnitude burst. The position of the planet prevented this blast from hitting us, but let’s face it, we might not be as lucky next time.

While Singer has called for greater protection to the power grid and the electronic devices we rely on, we’re far from being protected. In the meantime, be smart and protect what you’ve got. You never know when you might need it.


Thanks to National Geographic for this fantastic recreation of what could happen in an EMP attack!

You can use conductive cloth to protect your valuable vehicles and generators from an EMP attack.


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Why Tech Billionaires are Talking About Mind Control

Make no mistake about it, behind closed doors, where no one can hear them, tech millionaires and billionaires are talking about how they can control the minds of those they depend upon for survival.

Did you know the hypnotic process known as “brainwashing” literally translates into the words for “brain” and “wash” in Mandarin Chinese? Brainwashing has typically been thought of as a negative process that is used in situations like cults and extremism. After the SHTF, however, you may see the benefit of using mind control and influence to create a cult of loyalty.

Your life will depend upon being surrounded by a team that is not able to be tricked, bribed, or otherwise persuaded into betraying you. This is especially true if you are a person of means, and others want what you have.

Despite the negative bias, the brainwashing process can also be used in a positive way. When we are born, our minds are clean slates. Parents, educators, and even television all brainwash us to a certain extent. What we grow up to believe and the things that are important to us are the result of ideas that are put into our heads. Cognitive therapies such as EMDR, which have a positive effect on those who are suffering from PTSD and other disorders, can also be viewed as a form of brainwashing.

We learn to control our own minds, or we risk having them controlled by others. Brainwashing can take those harmful messages that were programmed into you in the past and replace them with more positive, productive alternatives. In your bunker, you will have staff. You will have security team members. Using brainwashing techniques to ensure their loyalty is to you and to you only can keep you safe and allow you to retain ownership of what is yours.

How Brainwashing Works

There are three key steps involved in brainwashing an individual: repetition, criticism and self-criticism to instill doubt, and not allowing that person to have private time for reflection by keeping them involved in activities. These steps have been proven to have the ability to instill loyalty in a leader or cause.

By using the following techniques, you can take to induce a state of suggestibility:

  • Guided relaxation or meditation
  • Rejection of old values
  • Repetitive chanting
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Repetitive music
  • Condemning and praising similar behavior
  • Group pressure
  • Discouraging individualism
  • Inducing guilt
  • The donation of assets
  • Encouraging confessions
  • Creating a sense of righteousness for conformity
  • Controlled approval
  • Requiring dress codes
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Extended light or darkness
  • Patterned, paced speech
  • Love bombing
  • Introducing subliminal messages
  • Encouraging the rejection of logic

Obviously brainwashing your staff is not something you’d do in our society is today. However, in a different reality, one in which loyalty can spell life or death, brainwashing is a possibility you can’t rule out.


Learn more about how brainwashing works.


Here are 10 ways you can use mind-control in everyday life.

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Ride for Your Life: Most Expensive Survival Motorcycles

In any SHTF situation, at some point you’re going to need a vehicle so you can escape quickly. Chances are you’ve already considered what kind of SUV, camper, or maybe even tank you’d use, but motorcycles should also be on the table. However, before you invest in a premium survival-cycle, you’ll need to consider a few points to make sure this is the best choice for your location.

Motorcycle Pros

  • Your fuel stores will go farther if you’re traveling by motorcycle.
  • You may also be able to get out of harm’s way faster, especially if limited space or obstacles are a factor.
  • Motorcycles are easier to repair than other vehicles
  • Many motorcycles are EMP-proof.

Motorcycle Cons

  • You can’t carry as much equipment.
  • You can’t carry as many people.
  • Increased exposure to the elements and other dangers.


This isn’t the transportation you’d use to try to save your family, but if you’re in a pinch and there are only one or two of you, a motorcycle should be your go-to option. The elements and the roads in your area may make this decision for you.

You can turn just about any bike into a bug-out vehicle, but when you have a bigger budget at your disposal you can also have one custom-designed to meet your needs. If you have the means, why not start off with one of the world’s most expensive motorcycles and customize from there?

The World’s Most Luxurious Survival Motorcycles

When you’re literally riding for your life, why spare any expense? These motorcycles are pricey, but they’re worth it.

Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX

When you want the precision of a racecar with the durability of destruction-proof titanium, the Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX is your go-to machine, and it has a pricetag of $300,000. For that price, they throw in a free BRM Titanium watch. Not a bad deal.

Ecosse ES1 Superbike

The creator of this motorcycle designed it with improved performance in mind, and it shows. This is the ultimate in F1 technology, with improved aerodynamics thanks to state-of-the-art lightweight materials. If you want to speed out of the apocalypse ahead of everyone else on this bike, it’ll cost you $3.6 million.


Check out this incredible zombie apocalypse motorcycle!

See the most expensive motorcycles ever made. They might not be the best for survival, but they sure look like a lot of fun.

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LASIK to Apocalypse-Proof Your Vision

In a post-apocalyptic world, when only the fittest will survive and competition for resources is fierce, you don’t want to wear a visible sign of weakness on your face. No matter how stylish your frames are, that’s exactly how other survivors will see your glasses after the SHTF.

Silicon Valley’s tech millionaires and billionaires are investing in LASIK surgery that will position them to be as successful in a post-apocalyptic world as they have been in this one. The list of the ultra-wealthy who have undergone this procedure includes Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, and Yishan Wong, former CEO of Reddit and Facebook employee.

Regarding his glasses, Huffman told The New Yorker, “Without them, I’m f*@#ed.”

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman told The New Yorker that by his estimate roughly half of Silicon Valley has what he describes as “apocalypse insurance” in place, and improved vision is a critical part of making sure you aren’t set up to not survive right out of the gate.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to get LASIK surgery. This outpatient procedure is surprisingly comfortable and affordable, with little downtime or recovery.

When making a case for Lasik eye surgery for survivalists, the evidence is clearly on surgery’s side.

Exhibit A: Piggy

In William H. Goulding’s classic work Lord of the Flies, Piggy’s glasses were seen a sign of weakness. Even if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie version, I’m sure you can figure out for yourself that Piggy doesn’t fare well in the end. Don’t be like Piggy. End up on top by making sure you look like the threat you are. It’s easy for an enemy to smash your glasses and render you defenseless—or at least weaken you—and they know it.

Speaking of smashed glasses, now is a good time to introduce you to…

Exhibit B: Henry Bemis

Any fan of The Twilight Zone is familiar with Bemis’s predicament. Bemis is a misanthrope who prefers books over people. When the world ends and he is the lone survivor, he finds himself in the ideal situation of finally being alone with his books. UNTIL HIS ONLY GLASSES BREAK. Without his glasses, Bemis’s life is meaningless to him, and he hadn’t even gotten to the part yet where he was starving to death.

How Lasik Works

LASIK surgery uses laser technology to quickly and painlessly reshape the patient’s cornea, which corrects their vision. The risk of side-effects is low, and most people are able to go about their business as usual by the next day. With so little risk and such tremendous benefits, it’s easy to see why the ultra-wealthy are throwing their glasses away for good.

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery

    • Potential for maximum life expectancy – your chances of survival increase exponentially when you have good vision.
    • It’s cost-effective and convenient – no more glasses or optometrist appointments.


Learn more about the side-effects of laser surgery.


Watch a laser eye surgery, if you dare.

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The Oppidum: Opulence Below the Czech Republic

This isn’t your grandfather’s survivalist bunker, unless your grandfather was Randolph Hearst.

The US and Russia have 14,000 nuclear weapons between them. If you were a billionaire and you lived that close to that many nukes, wouldn’t you make sure you were prepared to go underground? Whoever is lucky enough to purchase this state-of-the-art shelter will be able to customize it to their own unique needs.

Some say the Czech Republic’s Oppidum is the world’s most luxurious private post-apocalypse bunker. How much are you willing to invest in your survival? Only the 1% need apply. The Oppidum is strictly for those for whom money is no object. In fact, the Czech entrepreneur behind the impressive structure, Jakub Zamrazil, will not disclose the price. Zamrazil says the price, and, eventually, the buyer, will remain top-secret, adding to the property’s mysterious allure.

Whoever ends up buying the Oppidum may end up having the best lifestyle on earth, once civilization as we know it has been destroyed. While those above-ground can look forward to hunger, disease, violence, and more, inside this beyond-premium shelter one can enjoy:

  • Living in a 323,000-square-foot mansion, 77,000-square-feet of which are underground.
  • Swimming in an underground pool, or relaxing in the spa.
  • Reading in a library that holds a lifetime worth of books.
  • Sipping wines from a private wine cellar.
  • Gardening under simulated natural light.
  • Screening films in the private cinema.

With so much space in this massive complex, you will find anything you need to retain your wealth and power as a new society begins again from the ground-up. There are even medical and surgical facilities, because let’s face it, even for the very wealthy good health is something that can’t be bought if there are no doctors around.

If you’re interested in owning the Oppidum, you’d better move fast. Zamrazil is currently in negotiations with several multi-billionaires, and we can expect more to show interest in the future.


Take a look inside the Oppidum.

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Survive in Style in Las Vegas


If you’re familiar with luxury survival compounds, you know, underground homes are nothing new, but you haven’t seen one quite like the property that is currently for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. A famed 1970’s Cold War bunker is currently on the market in Las Vegas. The price tag? A steep $18M. For the right upscale buyer, this property provides a fun and swanky alternative to your typical high-end property.

The Home’s History

This underground family home was originally built in 1978 with the intention of keeping wealthy entrepreneur Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson and his loved ones safe and entertained for a year in the event of a Russian nuclear attack. Henderson was the co-founder of Underground World Home Corp., a company that specialized in—what else—underground houses. Their brochure asked, “How would you like sunshine every day … when you want it?” Whoever buys this house will find out!

After Henderson passed away in 1983 his wife, Mary Henderson, maintained it until her death. At one point while she lived there the home enjoyed a year-round Christmas theme. Interestingly, it is claimed that Mrs. Henderson believed her husband was murdered, though his official cause of death is listed as a heart attack.

After Mary Henderson’s passing the house fell into a state of disrepair. The property was foreclosed upon in mid-2012, and in 2014 a mysterious Florida-based group that called itself the Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species bought the home for $1.15M.

Little did Henderson know, forty years later his home would still provide plenty of entertainment, courtesy of the company that has been holding events on the property. Evidence of these events can be seen in the form of two stripper poles, which have been included with “upgrades” made to the property. If you were planning on bringing a few exotic dancers into the post-apocalyptic wasteland with you, this might be the ideal place to do it.


Here’s a picture of the underground home before its transformation.

And here’s an incredible “after” photo of the same part of the home as it looks today. The support beam in the first photo is the tree in the second.

Many Unique Features

The 15,200-square-foot retro underground bunker is located at 3970 Spencer Street near Flamingo Road. Above ground it looks like any other unassuming two-bedroom, two-story Las Vegas home. One ride down the slow-moving freight elevator, however, reveals a home that appears to exist in an alternate reality, one where time has stood still.

Here are some of the features you’ll find included with this unique property:

  • An above-ground home with two bedrooms and two stories
  • An underground home with two bedrooms and three bathrooms
  • An underground guest casita
  • Extra ventilation and many hidden air conditioning units
  • A freight elevator
  • A hidden stairway
  • Adjustable light settings, including a nighttime setting with twinkling stars
  • A four-hole putting green
  • Two Jacuzzis
  • A sauna
  • A bar
  • A dance floor
  • A barbecue
  • Multiple murals

Little did Henderson know, forty years later his home would still provide plenty of entertainment, courtesy of the company that has been holding events on the property. Evidence of these events can be seen in the form of two stripper poles, which have been included with “upgrades” made to the property. If you were planning on bringing a few exotic dancers into the post-apocalyptic wasteland with you, this might be the ideal place to do it.

Take a tour of the house!

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Welcome to Robert Raskin’s

Tech millionaires and billionaires from Silicon Valley’s Axis of Evil are preparing for the apocalypse. They work together with the Globalists to control the flow of information in the world today, so we must ask ourselves why? What do the ultra-wealthy know, and what are they doing to prepare for TEOTWAWKI?

I am Rob Raskin, a successful Las Vegas businessman who has invested considerably to make sure I am prepared for the collapse of society. Globalists want to destroy us as per Agenda 21, eliminating most of the earth’s population and forcing survivors into approved human habitation zones. Only those who have the means to survive independently will be able to escape this fate, and that’s why I started

When most of us think of doomsday bunkers, we conjure images of harsh gray steel and bleak surroundings. The truth is, your bunker does not need to be spartan or uncomfortable in order for you to ride out the threat of global annihilation. Today there are companies that specialize in helping the wealthy to ride out the storm in luxury, in fortified structures that can withstand a nuclear blast while providing premium amenities.

While it is not likely that society will collapse during our lifetime, there are many ways it could potentially happen:

  • Natural disasters like tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, solar flares, or even a cataclysmic pole shift
  • Terrorism
  • Food shortages
  • Viral pandemics
  • Nuclear war
  • The collapse of the grid
  • Civil war

The United Nations’ dystopian vision of the future is something we should all be afraid of. President Trump is fighting the Globalists, and I have complete confidence in his abilities. Still, however remote the possibility, if we have the ability to increase our chances of surviving we’d be foolish to not position ourselves and those we love for a positive outcome.

When there is no power grid, no law and order, no internet, and no one to report to, only the resourceful will survive. I’ll be posting articles here weekly to keep you up to speed on the latest news and products that will help you to do just that.

Learn more about why the wealthy are buying underground bunkers.

What the wealthy need to know when prepping for chaos.

If you are a Trump supporter who is concerned about the Globalist threat, join me, Rob Raskin of Las Vegas, at today. We’re social media that puts America first, and we support free speech for Conservatives.