Survive in the Southwest

Survive in the Southwest

Luxury missile silo for sale with its own airstrip and private hangar

Much of the Southwest is desert, a climate many people believe is not ideal for survival. However, this isn’t true if you’re educated and prepared. All throughout human history we have adapted to survive in the desert by becoming a part of its ecosystem. In the desert, you will find sources of food, water, and even medicinal plants all around you, if you know where to look.


Bruce Francisco is an Atlas F Missile Base specialist, and he’s got his own custom luxury silo to prove it. On his website, Francisco has described his construction team as the “builders of the most unique secure real estate in the world.” Although he is currently occupying his custom Upstate New York silo, he also owns the missile silo site in the Southwest that he is ready to sell.

Francisco originally specialized in fix and flips, but then he had the opportunity to renovate the abandoned silo. After realizing he could land his plane on the old military road that sits on the property, Francisco originally intended to build his house on the property, having no idea what he’d do with the missile silo below. Then he decided, “Let’s do something crazy with this thing. Let’s build a cool home.” So he built a hangar and a private air strip, then decided to tackle the silo.


Details of the Southwest Property

This unique property is currently available in an undisclosed location, which shows that the builder takes security seriously.  The price of this Atlas F Missile Base is not specified, but the owner/builder, Bruce Francisco, can customize the site to your needs, for a price.


To build a structure on the surface would be $375K to $800K. To transform the property into a low-cost carrier airline site will run you $450K to $1M. The cost to transform the missile silo tube into an underground paradise that can hold up to 70 people for five years? $4M to $20M.


This property sits on 18 acres of land that, while remote, is also just a 15 minute drive from the city and Home Depot. One major benefit of the Southwest location is the silo tube is clean and dry. Most of these tubes have been breached by water at some point, with accompanying damage, making this a huge plus for this particular property.


Some of the other features of this Southwest Atlas F Missile Base include:

  • A clean, painted LCC
  • Water rights that have been grandfathered back to 1920
  • A two-mile paved easement that is wide enough to become a runway for your private jet
  • Extremely low taxes


About Atlas-F Sites

Atlas-F Series Missile Base sites were built during the Cold War, and they were designed to take a direct nuclear hit, making them ideal for survivalists. These sites were deliberately constructed far from heavily populated areas so when the Russians attacked, the bombs would not be aimed at big cities that would have high casualty rates. This is exactly where you’d want to be after the SHTF.


These properties have an above-ground launch control center that features 2,300-square-feet of finished space. This means there is plenty of room in this space alone for a typical open floor plan home with a full kitchen, two master suites, and a spacious private bathroom. However, with that much space, you could easily customize the property into any configuration that works for your situation.


Under the ground, you will find a silo tube that is an incredible 52 feet across and 185 feet deep, with seven levels. All of this sits behind 2,000 lb. glass doors that can be opened via a secure keypad entrance. There are also high-circulation vent tubes that lead to the outside.

The property can be powered by generators and solar power, and it is surrounded by three-foot-thick epoxy resin that is reinforced with concrete and steel mesh. It also comes with two wells, 200 amp electrical, phone and satellite capabilities, and an 1,800-gallon septic tank.


This missile silo has a constant climate of approximately 58 degrees, and it can be converted into condos or space for hydroponic gardening. As you can see, this property has incredible potential. Francisco and his team are able to install video surveillance equipment that will give you a full 360 degree view of the surface.


On the property’s website, Francisco has specified that he is only interested in corresponding with those who are serious about the property. If you are a serious potential buyer with interest in a luxurious Southwest silo home, reach out to him at



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Take a peek inside Bruce Francisco’s Upstate New York luxury silo home.



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