Vivos: World’s Largest Private Bunker Community

This California Company Offers Group Survival and Much More

Are you looking for a doomsday bunker that doesn’t require any extreme survivalism training? Welcome to Vivos, the survival community of the future. Vivos is offering a unique solution for those who want to survive after the SHTF but don’t feel confident about their chances of making it on their own. That’s why over 50,000 people have applied for a space in this sought-after shelter.

Would being a part of an upscale survival community be the right choice for you? This article contains the information you’ll need to make an informed decision before taking the next step.

About Vivos

The Vivos Group was founded by Robert Vicino, whose network of secret underground bunkers are geared toward the wealthy “everyman” who is seeking shelter after a theoretical apocalyptic event, but isn’t the type who has a bunker and extensive prepping experience. Perhaps they even have no prepping experience at all.

If this describes you, at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist we strongly recommend you seek out survival training immediately. However, if this isn’t a possibility with your current schedule, joining a community may be your next best alternative.

The Vicino shelter sits under the earth’s surface just outside of Los Angeles, in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. Vicono intends for his shelters to be “life assurance for a dangerous world.”

Though it’s not possible to assure anyone’s life after TEOTWAWKI—especially not anyone who hasn’t had any training—Vicino claims these shelters can withstand a variety of natural catastrophe and man-made castrophe conditions. These include everything from volcano and nuclear blasts to flooding, earthquakes, extreme winds, chemical and biological attacks, biological attacks, and even armed assaults.

Who is applying to live in the Vivos community? Although tens of thousands have shown interest, what the community is looking for is a mix of skills that will benefit everyone. Doctors, electricians, educators, mechanics, and more are strongly encouraged to apply.

What You’ll Find in the Vivos Community

Wondering what you’ll find in Vivos? A better question is what won’t you find? Robert Vicino and his team have thought of every last detail when it comes to what a large group of people will need to survive and thrive in a hidden bunker for a long period of time.

Within Vivos there are:

  • A school
  • A gym
  • A volcanic ash remover
  • A game room
  • A shooting range
  • Radios
  • A pet park
  • Generators
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Medical and dental suites and supplies
  • Air filters
  • A decontamination room
  • Communal dining and living areas
  • Communal kitchen for half-suites
  • Private kitchens for private full suites
  • Full bathrooms with bidets
  • A system that repels birds
  • A swimming pool

The shelter has been decorated in a way that is meant to calm the people who live within, from the art to the paint colors. On top of this, the facility will contain a year’s supply worth of food for each and every resident. If you run low, it’s no problem, because Vivos also has facilities to grow more food underground.

Vivos’s Failed Terravivos Resort

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it very well may be. In 2014, the company scrapped plans to create a luxury bunker and resort that could hold 5,000 people.

This project was a response to the predicted “Mayan apocalypse” of 2012, which, obviously, failed to materialize. The shelter would have offered over 2,000-square-feet of living space, with premium amenities that went far beyond anything the California. Vivos community has to offer, including an indoor skate park and golf course.

After investing “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on engineering, the project was abandoned due to its location within an abandoned limestone mine, which was eventually deemed to be unsafe. The project struggled to attract investors and in the end never was able to build the kind of momentum something of that scale would require in order to get off the ground—or, in this case, under it.

Of the failed endeavor, Vicino appears to have chalked the failure up to a simple, “Some ideas work out, and some don’t.” The developer is now putting his energy into new luxury survival communities, including one in Indiana.

The proof that Vivos intends for its current community to survive in the long-term and not just the immediate fallout of a catastrophic event lies in its DNA vault. This company is serious about helping the people who reside in their shelters to live comfortably while they continue the species. Sounds like a worthwhile goal to us.

Whether or not it will work out the way Vivos has planned in a real-life disaster situation remains to be seen.

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