Would You Trust This Man with Your Life?

Would You Trust This Man with Your Life?

A feud between two luxury bunker builders has brought up some disturbing points.

Here at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, we recently stumbled across a YouTube video in which one maker of luxury bunkers leveled shocking allegations against another. Did Rising S Bunkers really cause one of their customers to go to prison for three years, or are these baseless accusations that are part of a long-standing feud between owner Clyde Scott and his competitor Atlas Survival Shelters, which is owned by Ron Hubbard.

Claims Against Rising S

According to a video Hubbard posted on Atlas’s YouTube channel, the story began when he received the following letter, which we’ve very slightly edited for clarity:

Ron, my name is Steve Prewit. I own a corporation in Midland, Texas, and I am also a professional drag boat driver. In 2012, I made the mistake of doing business with Clyde Scott of the Rising S company. I lost $250K and received 33 months in federal prison. (My story is) beneficial to your business. If you would like to what I have to say, please give me a call.

Ron then went on to claim the information he learned after he spoke to Prewit was so explosive that he sat on it for a year before finally deciding to go public. He describes this decision as “fighting back against a bully and punching him in the mouth.” He then went on to describe Rising S’s business model as being based on “ruining” their competitors. Hubbard alleges that Scott has personally taken actions that were meant to destroy Atlas Survival Shelters.

Is Clyde Scott a bully? During our investigation into the matter, we compared these two luxury bunker building companies to try to determine the truth behind the scandal.


According to Prewit’s claims, he lost $1.5M and five years of his life after hiring Rising S Bunkers to build a shelter. Prewit alleges Scott set him up to be busted by the feds after seeing Prewit’s cache of illegal weapons, which included guns that were unregistered and had been illegally modified.

In the summer of 2012, Prewit gave Scott $250K to build a bunker. During its construction, Scott observed Prewit firing and selling these weapons. He further claims Scott “rolled on him” to the FBI, falsely claiming to them that Prewit had a 40-man militia that called him “Colonel.” The next time they came out they had an FBI agent among their crew members. Prewit ended up spending 33 months in federal prison.

Prewit said he hired a private investigator who turned up evidence that Clyde Scott is a convicted felon with a lengthy record. He avoids prison time by being a “snitch.” He believes Scott made up a story about him and ratted him out to the FBI because the government is using him to get information. As proof, Prewit and Hubbard showed a printout of Scott’s criminal record.


While this is clearly proof that Scott has committed crimes in the past, it is not clear if Prewit has any clear evidence that he is the informant that led to his arrest.

In an interview with Hubbard, Prewit said he came forward with his story not for his own sake, but rather for the safety of the public, who needs to know that this situation is a possibility.


Which Bunker Builder Can You Trust?

While we can’t make a definitive statement regarding which company—or if either of them—are in the right or whether or not the allegations against Clyde Scott are true, this situation brings up some more troubling issues.

Luxury bunker builders and their teams know where everyone’s bunkers are located. If they’re not trustworthy, who is to say they won’t come to take what you have after TEOTWAWKI? Is it possible that some of them could be underhanded enough that they are secretly building your shelters for their own future use and planning to use your supplies, all while making money off of you for the privilege?

Our investigation unearthed plenty of complaints lodged against Atlas Survival Shelters as well. One consumer claimed to have lost $100,000 after a faulty shelter flooded. When they approached Ron about the problem, they claim he became belligerent. Hubbard, however, had a different take on the situation. He claims these dissatisfied customers improperly installed their own bunker after purchasing it from him.


The truth is, none of the luxury shelter companies have spotless reputations. Someone is always going to be unhappy, and some of these complaints will be legitimate while others will not. Watch out for warning signs like builders who won’t give you an estimate yet are eager to get you to pay a deposit and sign a contract.

In his video, Ron recommends whenever possible purchasing a bunker and hiring your own team to transport and install it for your own personal security. This is clearly the best option at this point, and it’s not surprising he would recommend this now that he believes consumers who are buying shelters are potentially in danger due to unethical business practices.

If you’re thinking about having a bunker built one thing is certain, and that’s the importance of doing your research before you hire any company.


You can see the shocking Atlas Bunkers video here.


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