The Importance of Real Estate in your Survival Plan

The Importance of Real Estate in your Survival Plan

When it comes to any discussion about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world or a general conversation about practical habits of wealth-building from beginner to advanced, there’s one option that’s standard across the board: real estate. Sure, you’ve heard about the importance of investing in real estate to grow your asset value, hedge against the markets, and adopt an investment mindset when it comes to your expenses, but did you know that millionaires and billionaires are investing in property in strategic locations around the world? Of course, you did. You’re a millionaire survivalist and a damn good one!

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider how today’s mega-wealthy elites have modified their real estate aims to invest in real estate that meets the needs of their doomsday bunkers, which ultimately protect themselves and their families from the masses, along with their comfort, protection, and way of life.

New Zealand?

According to the German American venture capitalist billionaire behind Facebook, Pay Pal, and Politico, Peter Thiel has already acquired land and citizenship in Queensland, New Zealand. Why not? It’s a lovely place, far from the masses, and an ideal location to insulate oneself from a world overrun by angry mobs with diseases and unusable money. He’s not the only one.

All things considered, independent analysis of the best place to live on the planet when it comes to mitigating exposure to the dangers of climate change, access to resources, distance from large populations, and so on all point to New Zealand.

Deep Dive

For the same reason, there’s been an increase in the number of wealthy people investing in housing in places like the Hamptons, which again fit the mold of safety and comfort in a private, gated setting, amongst people of the same class, and out of touch from the hordes of masses sure to turn on them in an SHTF scenario.

As people often kid about the idea of being an ultra-right-wing conservative “doomsdayest,” the world’s wealthiest people have long been solving this problem for themselves in private. How? By doing it in plain sight for obvious reasons, such as access to unparalleled luxury, privacy, and a way of life not available to the rest of us. As a result, millionaires inevitably find themselves in similar situations as the mega-rich, even if on a smaller scale.

Why? Simple. Because anyone with something to protect and the time to spend contemplating the possibility of failing is going to lose sleep until the problem is solved. Meanwhile, the “commoners” aren’t preparing for anything. Why? Because commoners are defined less by their lack of wealth than by being blissfully unaware of a reality beyond the world as they see it.

So, while the Kardashians may be uber-rich and likely looking for a secret place to go in the event of an EOTWAWKI scenario, they continue to hide in plain sight by adopting socially acceptable attitudes to win in L.A.s high school mentality popularity contest. Meanwhile, the people who own the media companies that produce their shows are not. Why? Cause they don’t have to. That’s what the Kardashian’s are for. Duh…


So, whatever your M.O., bear in mind that when it comes to making intelligent choices and a master plan, real estate is always your friend and should be considered strategically by its ability to meet all of these conditions.

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