Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Sign of Things to Come?

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Sign of Things to Come?

The day after Russia celebrated the May 9th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, the much-talked-about fear of a nuclear attack on Ukraine has not happened, as theorized by many. A more precise explanation as to why it was unlikely to happen was provided by David Petraeus, whose credibility in military strategy is virtually unparalleled. His rise to prominence as an Army General in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars under George W. Bush, and subsequent CIA detail in the Obama Administration, gives him key insights into world events and the skill to explain them without leaking critical military defense data.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, consider how recent events seem to play into the public’s perceptions and how this relates to conspiracy theories motivated more by fear than by credible data. We may be preppers, but we’re not stupid.

The Power of Information

It’s often said that information wins wars. It’s also true that misinformation wins wars, which is great if you’re the one controlling the information and using it to confuse and confound your enemy. In WWII, America deliberately communicated false information in every clever way possible to give Japanese and German intelligence the belief that they were cracking our codes. Meanwhile, real information was shared by Navajo code talkers since there was no way for foreign intelligence to have the foggiest clue of how to decode the language.

I don’t consider myself an enemy of the state, nor do I consider the media to be an enemy of peace. I do consider many media figures to be the prom kings and queens with the charisma to attract followers who envy them at the most animal level. This, to me, is mutually exclusive from the news since talking heads are merely messengers reading a teleprompter. Whatever real information may be going on, who’s to say what’s real unless they’re privy to inside information from boots on the ground?

What is a Boy to Do?

The short answer to this question is to remember to continue to do what’s prudent to stay the course and stockpile munitions and provisions needed to survive when the moment of truth comes. If you have an underground bunker at a sight that allows for protected living above ground, you’re probably already there. Meanwhile, the need for people to believe that nothing is happening, or the worst is happening flies in the face of what’s actually happening. If the average person gets scared and stays home from work, they get fired, go homeless, and starve to death in an alley- if they don’t get knifed first.

There’s never a greenlight to lose one’s cool and succumb to fear-based thinking, which is the core philosophy of survivalism. It’s the intelligent, sober-minded, proactive dedication to planning an exit strategy in the event that one is needed so that there is little opportunity to be caught with one’s proverbial pants down. So, while it’s a game of “Cloak and Daggers” to many survival enthusiasts, we recommend you not devolve from your humanity in the process of trying to survive these trying times.

Click here to see Gen. Petraeus set the record straight:

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