Millionaire Survivalists in Film – Part 4

In an ongoing effort to showcase the role of art and media as it depicts human conflict in survival scenarios, I’ve chosen to showcase a lesser-known gem featuring action star Gerard Butler. The film’s name is Greenland, and it skillfully presents us with a ticking clock and an updated look at the melting tundra.

When it comes to action films, Gerard Butler has been an obvious choice ever since the success of his role as Leonidas in 300. However, his latest venture as actor and producer of Greenland pits him against nature as the planet is bombarded by comets, resulting in a mass-extinction event. While he doesn’t portray a millionaire in the film, his skill as a structural engineer makes him one of the few randomly chosen to be eligible for a military-led flight to Greenland with his family. But, unfortunately, a twist of fate prevents this from going as planned.

In this installment of Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll ask the million-dollar question, “Is Greenland a universally good place to survive the apocalypse?” We did our research, and the answer might surprise you.

“Green with Envy”

After a simple Google search for hot spots to flee to when the SHTF, I was shocked to find that Greenland was not on the list. Perhaps it’s not for sale. After all, the substantial loss of ice on Greenland is often touted as evidence of the current mass extinction event on the minds of many: Global Warming. Whether you embrace or deny the idea of climate change, either due to our reliance on fossil fuels or as a natural part of the earth’s 25 K-year cycles of floods and ice ages, there’s no denying that the ice is shrinking. Yet, simultaneously, the human population has reached unprecedented numbers throughout history. Coincidence?

Maybe Greenland should be the next place we explore! Too Late! Most recently, it has become the location of a treasure hunt by billionaires Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg, all of whom believe Greenland to be the key to the world’s transition to Green Energy. Apparently, it contains critical minerals necessary for electric power, previously beyond the possible reach due to the permafrost. If this is true, then it follows that these three must have already made land purchases to give them first dibs on whatever they can get out of the ground.

Parting thoughts…

Now that Greenland is becoming the next big focus for considerable exploration, it makes sense that there must be a military presence and basic infrastructure needed for non-survivalist millionaires to do their business. Consequently, this might be a great time to consider Greenland as the location for your next big land purchase. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have rights over the minerals under your land. Either way, you can enjoy a beautiful, clean, virginal piece of nature on vacation. It could also serve as your place of refuge in an EOTWAWKI scenario.


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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Sign of Things to Come?

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Sign of Things to Come?

The day after Russia celebrated the May 9th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, the much-talked-about fear of a nuclear attack on Ukraine has not happened, as theorized by many. A more precise explanation as to why it was unlikely to happen was provided by David Petraeus, whose credibility in military strategy is virtually unparalleled. His rise to prominence as an Army General in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars under George W. Bush, and subsequent CIA detail in the Obama Administration, gives him key insights into world events and the skill to explain them without leaking critical military defense data.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, consider how recent events seem to play into the public’s perceptions and how this relates to conspiracy theories motivated more by fear than by credible data. We may be preppers, but we’re not stupid.

The Power of Information

It’s often said that information wins wars. It’s also true that misinformation wins wars, which is great if you’re the one controlling the information and using it to confuse and confound your enemy. In WWII, America deliberately communicated false information in every clever way possible to give Japanese and German intelligence the belief that they were cracking our codes. Meanwhile, real information was shared by Navajo code talkers since there was no way for foreign intelligence to have the foggiest clue of how to decode the language.

I don’t consider myself an enemy of the state, nor do I consider the media to be an enemy of peace. I do consider many media figures to be the prom kings and queens with the charisma to attract followers who envy them at the most animal level. This, to me, is mutually exclusive from the news since talking heads are merely messengers reading a teleprompter. Whatever real information may be going on, who’s to say what’s real unless they’re privy to inside information from boots on the ground?

What is a Boy to Do?

The short answer to this question is to remember to continue to do what’s prudent to stay the course and stockpile munitions and provisions needed to survive when the moment of truth comes. If you have an underground bunker at a sight that allows for protected living above ground, you’re probably already there. Meanwhile, the need for people to believe that nothing is happening, or the worst is happening flies in the face of what’s actually happening. If the average person gets scared and stays home from work, they get fired, go homeless, and starve to death in an alley- if they don’t get knifed first.

There’s never a greenlight to lose one’s cool and succumb to fear-based thinking, which is the core philosophy of survivalism. It’s the intelligent, sober-minded, proactive dedication to planning an exit strategy in the event that one is needed so that there is little opportunity to be caught with one’s proverbial pants down. So, while it’s a game of “Cloak and Daggers” to many survival enthusiasts, we recommend you not devolve from your humanity in the process of trying to survive these trying times.

Click here to see Gen. Petraeus set the record straight:

Survivalism: a “Trend” in Pop Culture?

Survivalism: a “Trend” in Pop Culture?

In today’s world of post-COVID lockdowns, mass weather events, failing electrical grids, and the not-so-distant memory of 9/11, it seems that everyone has a crystal-clear picture in their heads of just what an EOTWAWKI scenario would look like. “Coincidentally,” without my realizing it, a film about this very subject came out just last October of 2021. It’s called The Survivalist, and it stars John Milkovich as a post-apocalyptic warlord. While the film doesn’t showcase the most affluent or even the fairly well-heeled, it clearly depicts the motivating reasons why the so-called extreme measures of “Doomsday Preppers” persist.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll visit the film The Survivalist and consider its role as a tool to instruct the masses. If art imitates life, then this film is both capitalizing on the fear of recent events and making people reevaluate their priorities for existence. Meanwhile, society’s elites have never stopped measuring their own success, not just financially but as a persistent force on Earth.

The Survivalist – Synopsis

Per IMDB, “A year and a half after the fall of civilization due to a viral outbreak, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman immune to the disease from a dangerous gang leader hunting her.”

If you look at the trailer, what you’ll see is the absolute downfall of society, as a major urban area succumbs to mass chaos and violence, loss of control by authorities, guerrilla warfare in the streets, and so on. This, of course, is what sets the stage for the difficult but important task of the girl surviving all of this and struggling to find her way to the FBI agent turned survivalist. All the while, she’s being hunted by a maniacal warlord, likely focused on her detainment for scientific observation since her immune system holds the key to everyone’s survival. Clearly, conflict will ensue, drama will unfold, and theaters will sell much popcorn and soda.

The World of Survivalism in the Public Consciousness

While the plot synopsis and storyline are focused on the dramatic struggle of the characters, it’s clear that this film is capitalizing on the mass hysteria generated by COVID. Naturally, you can expect the masses to become cognizant of the problems they all face at the same time. However, those who’ve survived such battles unfamiliar to the masses seem to march to the tune of a different drummer. Whether it’s an immigrant in NYC having escaped apartheid in his homeland or your garden variety religious zealot, they don’t need anyone to tell them what’s coming.

Who can’t help but notice a pattern of global destruction of “Biblical Proportions?” Viewing through the prophetic lens of Judgement Day, as famously foretold in the Gospel of John, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse spread pestilence (plague), famine, war, and subsequently, death. Meanwhile, every day, the news sees increasing mass casualties related to COVID, Putin’s war against Ukraine, and of course, the struggle of supply lines caused by all of the above, plus rising fuel costs.

Religion aside, history teaches us that the last thing to give way when civilization falls is trade. It’s the mutual relationship between neighboring communities, domestic and abroad, that ensures our survival for the long haul while promoting peaceful relations. If this weren’t true, much of the world would still be small farming communities with virtually no need for money. But I digress… when it comes to consciousness, it seems that the masses are focused on pop culture while the “powers that be” remain hidden in plain sight.

What Would Ted Turner Do?

If a classic meat-eating, salt-of-the-earth, winner-take-all capitalist like Ted Turner were around today, my hunch is he’d be spending more time on his Montana ranch, far from the idiosyncratic masses seeking any means of distraction from the fear that governs the cogs in the social wheels. Why? Not because he hates them, but because he doesn’t wait for other people to explain things to him. Surely there are millionaire survivalists today who take great pains to cultivate their public persona while hedging their bets with compounds in New Zealand, for example.

In short, at the glacial pace that society moves, anyone who is driven to have, be, do, create, or experience more has to learn to be guided from within. Who doesn’t have that little voice in their head that refuses to be pacified by the “leaders” who take turns gracing the world stage every four years? The real members of this planet are busy thinking for themselves and making preparations for the future based on credible data extrapolated from long-term trends. The same thought process that wins in the stock market is responsible for the survival of modern humans, despite all the mass-extinction events and cyclical problems of war, disease, plagues, pestilence, famine, and all the other problems that challenged our ancestors.

So, to the masses, we say, “Hope you enjoy the film. Now here are a bunch of things to consider buying.” Meanwhile, to the millionaire survivalists already planning to survive even bigger challenges to their existence, what does it matter what anyone says?

Click here to see the film trailer:

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How Millionaire Survivalists in NYC Expect to Flee when the SHTF

How Millionaire Survivalists in NYC Expect to Flee when the SHTF

The Big Apple has it all when it comes to convenient access to commercialism, but that has its disadvantages. When COVID struck this over-populated city, it created a localized version of the pandemic that was far worse than the national average. This has given New Yorkers a taste of the exponential meltdown that can occur at a moment’s notice. So, if a nuclear attack, another 9/11, or even a hoax believable enough to elicit mass pandemonium should render the streets undrivable, buildings unusable, and aircraft unreachable, then it’s time for “Plan B.”

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll take a look at Plan B Marine, the “insurance policy” against millionaire prepper concerns about being stuck in the city should an EOTWAWKI scenario come to pass. When air and land are off the table, all that remains is the sea.

Chris Dowhie is co-owner of Plan B Marine, an NYC-based company that maintains a fleet of 50+ knot speed boats docked around Manhattan island. As a nautical professional and entrepreneur, Plan B Marine provides a service that fills a need where demand has deep pockets to pay for the privilege. Though Chris doesn’t personally subscribe to “conspiracy theories,” he’s well aware of the degree to which catastrophic events like 9/11, the blackouts, and COVID have given rise to a culture of practical resistance to the resulting loss of personal and social control that follows.

The Price

Plan B Marine’s wealthy clients pay upwards of $7500K per month to lease their own military-grade escape boat, so they not only have the option to flee at a moment’s notice but have a plan in place. Lease options include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Boat options include the 25” Safe Boat Defender, the 7-Meter Zodiac inflatable dingy with T-Top, the Willard Sea-Force 700 dingy, and the 33 Safe Boat Interceptor built to US Navy standards and powered by triple 1K HP engines.


The events of a catastrophic emergency are regulated by port authorities and emergency escape protocols that determine who does what. In theory, Plan B Marine’s services merely provide a luxury alternative to members during a minor emergency that could cause gridlock traffic for several hours. This may only translate into an “undelayed” trip across town by way of crossing the Hudson. In reality, the rule of the jungle is those who can, will. Those who can’t won’t.

When danger happens, precious moments are available to make a snap decision. We all know that remaining calm and making a series of educated choices to get out of harm’s way can determine who lives and who dies. Those with a plan in place have the advantage. Everyone else will wait until authorities instruct them. As to whether not to recommend Plan B, I’m of the mind that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

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Bionics for Today’s Millionaire Survivalist

Bionics for Today’s Millionaire Survivalist

A company called Esko Bionics manufactures exoskeletons at the facility in California. They offer this service in practical applications such as physical therapy, spinal cord injury, and retraining the brain-body link. Pretty amazing. Why more isn’t being discussed about this advanced bit of futurism, I couldn’t say. But I know this, when the SHTF and it’s every man for himself, I want a bionic exoskeleton to outrun the horde of wacky masses trying to tear each other to pieces.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider how the latest advancements in the field of bionics could change what’s possible for the people who invest in this technology now, while the world is still intact. This could be the next big thing, as they say…

The Six Million Dollar Man

With a bionic suit that controls the programmed motions of the body with greater precision and strength, programmable via electronics, and able to empower a paraplegic to retrain muscles and continue to live life, anything’s possible. It would seem to me that the EOTWAWKI scenario that would precipitate retreating to an underground bunker would presuppose that you were not more than mildly injured and could carry on with life. This offers a lot more.

As an ideal response to a less-than-ideal situation, I’d strap this on like a super-soldier, save my family, and flee Armageddon. Who knows? If the suit could be programmed to attach itself to smart instruments and vehicles, what’s to stop you from auto flying a jet, a boat, a space craft, or building a communications device? The sky seems to be the limit here, and even that can be pushed. If the military gets these, along with bulletproof exterior panels, they’d be virtually unstoppable, barring a significant blast from a weapon in the hands of an enemy.

Additionally, as these can be used to perform hard work, manual labor, and lift things normally too heavy, this is the perfect tool for doing the impossible, which is the best way to describe your garden variety “end times” scenario. This would actually allow you to withstand the impact of a sizeable jump. Imagine the applications while using a jetpack to survey an area after drone surveillance. Or facing off a wild animal with no weapons. Like that’d happen. Am I right?

So, if you’re a millionaire survivalist, then see what you can do to get your hands on one of these ASAP. It needs to be a part of your process. One in the home, one in the car, one in the chopper, and a dozen or so in the bunker.

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Zombie Apocalypse Insurance?

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance?

P.T. Barnum used to say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” He was one of the first millionaires in America. Like most successful people of the old world, he didn’t get where he was without common sense in the face of chaos and opposition. If he were alive today, he’d never fall for something as silly as zombie apocalypse insurance. However, he might consider selling it.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review the potential merits, or at least the theoretical premise of zombie apocalypse insurance, and the consideration of how it would payout. Also, the inevitable question of whether the money would have value with zombies running around.

Brains… We need… Brains

The first rule of zombie insurance is we don’t talk about having zombie insurance. After all, we don’t want people to think we’re the zombies. Right? Well, one company out there offers tips and tricks to help everyone make good financial decisions about everything from Alien abduction Insurance to Zombie Apocalypse Insurance.


After further inspection, the term insurance seems to mean any form of preparation associated with problem-solving, as opposed to the products offered by an insurance provider. However, while demonstrating the preparations needed for such an event, they all require a supply of money to purchase the needed tools, weapons, offsite housing, and so forth, which inadvertently teaches the importance of saving for a specific goal.

As a means of teaching financial literacy to school kids, this could be a useful tool, but when it comes to insurance, I’d avoid paying into a policy that requires proving a supernatural disaster in order to get a payout. Moreover, what’s the point in having an insurance payout when the money has no value? Finally, when not referring to financial insurance, we English speakers typically prefer terms like “assurance” or the “ensuring” of a specified result.


With the possibility of purchasing Zombie Apocalypse insurance comes the potential to create legal evidence of a lack of sound mind and body that could undermine any attempt to gain further financial and legal protection. To the contrary, this could be grounds for contesting legal competency.

As for the mastermind who came up with this as a marketing ploy for Google, kudos! However, if there’s an evil genius actually selling insurance policies based on the supernatural, they should be shut down, fined, and investigated for fraud. Then, the money should be returned to the insured, and a psych eval required. In my world, these people are the real zombies.

When the SHTF, these people are going to be the first to resort to irrational means of survival at the expense of everyone around them.

Caveat Emptor!

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Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

We can all think of a handful of movies that have shaped and continue to shape our perception of the future via Sci-Fi special effects. This, in turn, has created an expectation for these items to existing one day. As the future marches on, so does the technological progress that attempts to show off what’s possible. What better way to do this than to show how close we are to living in the movie world?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review a few items that are collectible replicas and working prototypes of ultracool gadgets from famous films. We’re not mentioning all of them, as not all of them are as useful to us after the apocalypse has upset the social order.


This working version of the lightsaber shoots a foot and a half long flame sure to light someone’s cigarette (and hair) from a few feet away. What better way to say, “We’ve come a long way, baby?”


A prototype hoverboard a la Back to the Future II has been created by a company called Hondo. It’s only powerful enough to clear about an inch or so above the ground while under the rider’s weight, but it’s still levitation. So BACK OFF! JK, but seriously…

Golden Gun

True to form, this working replica of the prop used by James Bond in the 1974 film, The Man with the Golden Gun, features personal accessories covered with 18-carat gold. This includes a cigarette case that forms the grip and trigger, a zippo lighter that forms the muzzle, and a golden ink pen and cuff link that form the barrel. When put together, it can be loaded with the included golden bullets. By the value of the gold alone, this assures 007’s place in the hierarchy of classiness above The Lone Ranger, or pretty much any werewolf.


Not as impressive as the films, but then again, it serves to remind us that in our own hands, we’re still not as cool as Luke Skywalker or James Bond. Nonetheless, these would be pretty cool toys to play with, and our friends would be jealous. So, for this reason alone, items like this are cool in their own right. They also serve as a benchmark for how close we are and far we have left to go to get to that place where we live in the same world as our fictional heroes.

Imagine trotting these out at your next shindig. Oh, how your wife would roll her eyes. Now imagine fending off an attack against criminals once the apocalypse comes. Oh, the fun times that wait in the boudoir of your luxury underground bunker, as it’s clear she made the right choice.

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Cool Gadgets to Survive Doomsday!

Cool Gadgets to Survive Doomsday!

Everyone knows that humans are all subject to the same consequences when facing problems without a solution. In the case of surviving doomsday, the penalty is beyond death- it‘s mass extinction. While there are many things to consider in planning to not fall victim to the inevitable catastrophes that await the ill-prepared, it would be foolish to overlook ways to prepare for even the daily risks we all take when we leave home.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider a list of cool gadgets to level the playing field in the event of an EOTWAWKI scenario or a camping trip. These don’t require millions of dollars to own, which is why there’s no excuse not to buy them as soon as you’re done reading this article 😊

Inspector Gadgets


The following list of items is sure to make you the hit of your next cocktail party, as you and your friends compete over who has the coolest toys to make them ready for when the SHTF.

Waterproof Matches

They can stay lit for up to 20 seconds, withstanding wind and rain. Provided you have access to the sticks, logs, tinder, etc., necessary to make a campfire, these are sure to come in handy. Needless to say, your guests will be able to smoke at your next hurricane party.

Personal Water Filtering Straw

It’s not anyone’s desire to have to drink from a toilet, a sewer, or a creek downstream from houses without plumbing, but if you had to, so would everyone else. This puppy filters out all the junk and disease so you can enjoy access to one of nature’s most vital elements.

Solar Powered Radio/ Flashlight/ Power Bank

Turn the wind-up crank and power a radio. Meanwhile, the solar panel stores energy to power your flashlight and cellphone charger.

BioLite Camp Stove

Often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of bonfire starters, this provides the fire you need for warmth, light, and cooking via a battery strong enough to charge your phone. It also comes with an attached lamp that conserves battery power.

GoTenna Mesh – Emergency Communication and Location Beacons

These little dongles attach to cell phones and allow private, encrypted communications without data or Wi-Fi service. They also send location info to the intended recipient.


While none of these items constitute a pocket-sized hot air balloon to quickly ascend from the violence and destruction sure to occur, these items are practical enough for daily use. Whether at the park, camping, or keeping in your car or backpack for emergencies, the items listed above can serve as interesting business gifts or stocking stuffers. Like a Swiss Army Knife, it makes preparedness fun. More importantly, the unexpected use they provide is why we love them.

So, if you’re interested in finding new and inventive ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for a brutal reality they may not be ready to accept, give them something they can accept and forget about. As with a spare tire, a fire extinguisher, or automatic weapons, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Investing in Crypto for the Millionaire Survivalist

Investing in Crypto for the Millionaire Survivalist

In today’s world, we often hear people discussing the merits of investing in Bitcoin, a specific brand of cryptocurrency that’s digital and untied to any country or bank. While this is a relatively new consideration, the theory that underscores the technology is not. More importantly, the traction it’s gaining as a hedge against the value of the world currencies is reflective of the fear of economic collapse associated with buying gold. Many people prepping for doomsday, aka “preppers,” believe crypto to be the way forward.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider the merits of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as a hedge against the loss of the dollar if the SHTF.

Millennial Preppers – Untie! (sorry, wrong joke…)

Now that Gen Xrs are no longer the Spring chickens ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater to change the world, the Millennials can finally begin to understand what all the hubbub is about. As the Boomer generation works harder to return to the “tried and true,” they’re prone to respond to infomercials touting the merits of buying gold. Why? Because it’s always been the safest bet? True, but it could also have something to do with the fear of a world going to hell in a handbasket.

Meanwhile, the Gen Xrs are reaching the age of wanting to work less for their money and are as likely to consider the sage advice of their elders about gold and property, while also considering the advice of the Millennials who believe that digital currency will still have value when the governments fall.

According to investors, a little risk is fine when you’re young and single, but crypto is arguably as stable an investment as gambling in Vegas. However, given it’s a digital currency accepted in most mainstream places and all the dark web places, this conceivably offers an additional form of purchasing power. Of course, if the servers go down in an EOTWAWKI scenario, then it’s worthless anyway. Once again, it’s a gamble.

Needless to say, it’s not the best choice for trying to get out of debt. If you can afford it and are curious, a small percentage of your investment fun can be risked on Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example. You can do this effectively in Coinbase, which is the most widely known, trusted, and accepted place to buy and sell crypto.

Many “preppers” are all too happy to invest in a currency that’s independent of any nation or banking cartel. It makes perfect sense ideologically, but many aren’t aware that when crypto is sold for a profit, the ROI must be claimed on taxes, the same as any other investment income. Furthermore, the very idea that this will be the currency of the future is based on a world that has no laws but still has the internet.

Like my grandfather used to say, “The best investment is antique firearms because they go up in value, but unlike paintings, you can use them to shoot.”

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The Millionaire Castaway

The Millionaire Castaway

The man pictured above is David Glasheen. He traded the hustle and bustle of city life for the simplicity of island life over 30 years ago. While his story is a little more complicated than this, his life is emblematic of what’s possible when you possess the skills and mindset of a leader. While this story is often told to promote the theme of rejecting civilized life and money, there’s more to this story for those who care to probe a little deeper.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll take a closer look at the eccentric ex-millionaire who measures success and survival as the same. With only himself to rely on, he’s now 76 and still living an existence reminiscent of Tom Hanks on Castaway.

Deep Dive

David used his knowledge of business to amass a fortune. When he lost it all in the Australian stock market crash of 1987, he failed to recover and lost his home in ‘91. Rather than return to the business world, David found a way to use OPM (other people’s money) to retreat from his failure. He convinced his business partners to lease Restoration Island (pictured above) long enough to exercise their option to build a resort.

This remote island north of Australia was aptly named by Captain Bligh, who was pleased to find a sustainable situation here after he and his loyal crew were forced off the HMS Bounty. Thanks to David’s remarkable story, we know more about the life Bligh and his men must’ve lived. For over 30 years, David has collected rainwater, gathered nuts, berries, and coconuts, and hunted and fished. Unlike Bligh, David occasionally hops a ride on to the mainland of Australia for supplies such as soap and other ingredients needed to brew his own beer. He trades this beer for other items with the local aboriginals.

Necessary to his psychological well-being, David extolls the virtues of communication with the outside world, which he gets from a solar-powered internet connection. He also values companionship, which he gets from his beloved dingo, Zeddi, and his two female mannequins. He’s actively pursuing a relationship online despite knowing he could be evicted at any time, now that his lease has expired and his remaining investors pulled out. Despite a judge’s ruling that he has no right to be there, the Aboriginals accept him, and he refuses to leave.

Ironically, the interest he’s gained from his eccentric lifestyle has led to writing a book (pictured above), where he answers the myriad questions that he gets from the public. In it, he describes the ways in which he went about his life and how it led him to make this choice. He advises people interested in living a similar life to learn what they can from books about survival and to just go camping.

My hope is he makes enough money and gets enough press to buy the right to build a proper home and settle here. Who knows, maybe he’ll build a resort that teaches people how to live like him.

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