How Millionaire Survivalists in NYC Expect to Flee when the SHTF

How Millionaire Survivalists in NYC Expect to Flee when the SHTF

The Big Apple has it all when it comes to convenient access to commercialism, but that has its disadvantages. When COVID struck this over-populated city, it created a localized version of the pandemic that was far worse than the national average. This has given New Yorkers a taste of the exponential meltdown that can occur at a moment’s notice. So, if a nuclear attack, another 9/11, or even a hoax believable enough to elicit mass pandemonium should render the streets undrivable, buildings unusable, and aircraft unreachable, then it’s time for “Plan B.”

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll take a look at Plan B Marine, the “insurance policy” against millionaire prepper concerns about being stuck in the city should an EOTWAWKI scenario come to pass. When air and land are off the table, all that remains is the sea.

Chris Dowhie is co-owner of Plan B Marine, an NYC-based company that maintains a fleet of 50+ knot speed boats docked around Manhattan island. As a nautical professional and entrepreneur, Plan B Marine provides a service that fills a need where demand has deep pockets to pay for the privilege. Though Chris doesn’t personally subscribe to “conspiracy theories,” he’s well aware of the degree to which catastrophic events like 9/11, the blackouts, and COVID have given rise to a culture of practical resistance to the resulting loss of personal and social control that follows.

The Price

Plan B Marine’s wealthy clients pay upwards of $7500K per month to lease their own military-grade escape boat, so they not only have the option to flee at a moment’s notice but have a plan in place. Lease options include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Boat options include the 25” Safe Boat Defender, the 7-Meter Zodiac inflatable dingy with T-Top, the Willard Sea-Force 700 dingy, and the 33 Safe Boat Interceptor built to US Navy standards and powered by triple 1K HP engines.


The events of a catastrophic emergency are regulated by port authorities and emergency escape protocols that determine who does what. In theory, Plan B Marine’s services merely provide a luxury alternative to members during a minor emergency that could cause gridlock traffic for several hours. This may only translate into an “undelayed” trip across town by way of crossing the Hudson. In reality, the rule of the jungle is those who can, will. Those who can’t won’t.

When danger happens, precious moments are available to make a snap decision. We all know that remaining calm and making a series of educated choices to get out of harm’s way can determine who lives and who dies. Those with a plan in place have the advantage. Everyone else will wait until authorities instruct them. As to whether not to recommend Plan B, I’m of the mind that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

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