Millionaire Survivalists in Film – Part 4

In an ongoing effort to showcase the role of art and media as it depicts human conflict in survival scenarios, I’ve chosen to showcase a lesser-known gem featuring action star Gerard Butler. The film’s name is Greenland, and it skillfully presents us with a ticking clock and an updated look at the melting tundra.

When it comes to action films, Gerard Butler has been an obvious choice ever since the success of his role as Leonidas in 300. However, his latest venture as actor and producer of Greenland pits him against nature as the planet is bombarded by comets, resulting in a mass-extinction event. While he doesn’t portray a millionaire in the film, his skill as a structural engineer makes him one of the few randomly chosen to be eligible for a military-led flight to Greenland with his family. But, unfortunately, a twist of fate prevents this from going as planned.

In this installment of Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll ask the million-dollar question, “Is Greenland a universally good place to survive the apocalypse?” We did our research, and the answer might surprise you.

“Green with Envy”

After a simple Google search for hot spots to flee to when the SHTF, I was shocked to find that Greenland was not on the list. Perhaps it’s not for sale. After all, the substantial loss of ice on Greenland is often touted as evidence of the current mass extinction event on the minds of many: Global Warming. Whether you embrace or deny the idea of climate change, either due to our reliance on fossil fuels or as a natural part of the earth’s 25 K-year cycles of floods and ice ages, there’s no denying that the ice is shrinking. Yet, simultaneously, the human population has reached unprecedented numbers throughout history. Coincidence?

Maybe Greenland should be the next place we explore! Too Late! Most recently, it has become the location of a treasure hunt by billionaires Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg, all of whom believe Greenland to be the key to the world’s transition to Green Energy. Apparently, it contains critical minerals necessary for electric power, previously beyond the possible reach due to the permafrost. If this is true, then it follows that these three must have already made land purchases to give them first dibs on whatever they can get out of the ground.

Parting thoughts…

Now that Greenland is becoming the next big focus for considerable exploration, it makes sense that there must be a military presence and basic infrastructure needed for non-survivalist millionaires to do their business. Consequently, this might be a great time to consider Greenland as the location for your next big land purchase. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have rights over the minerals under your land. Either way, you can enjoy a beautiful, clean, virginal piece of nature on vacation. It could also serve as your place of refuge in an EOTWAWKI scenario.


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