MIGALOO Personal Luxury Superyachts

MIGALOO Personal Luxury Superyachts

After TEOTWAWKI, No Yacht Will Be Complete Without a Submarine

Even if your yacht has every premium amenity in existence onboard, if you can’t go under the water you’re missing out on half the experience. This week, Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist is taking a look at the most high-end submergible superyacht you can buy. If you don’t have a personal luxury submarine, you’ll want one by the end of this article.


Submerge Yourself in Style

In their study, “Aquatic Refuges for Surviving a Global Catastrophe,” researchers Alexey Turchin and Brian Patrick Green argued that submarines are a cost-effective way to ensure the survival of humanity after a catastrophic event. According to these researchers, the benefits of nuclear submarines are many. They include:

  • Being surface independent
  • The ability to withstand nuclear explosions and radiation
  • The space to hold supplies
  • Being isolated from biological weapons
  • The ability to provide food, energy, water, and oxygen


Personal nuclear submarines are not a reality—at least not yet. In the meantime, a personal luxury “superyacht” can offer some of the same benefits. These incredible sea vessels are yachts you can completely submerge, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle you’re accustomed to under the water for up to four weeks at a time.


After an apocalyptic event, being able to head out on the water will isolate you from much of humanity, increasing your chances of survival. However, being able to go under the water will give you an increased level of protection.


The MIGALOO is the World’s Most Luxurious Superyacht

The MIGALOO may not be able to withstand a nuclear blast, but it is still worth investing in.


It would be difficult to argue with the MIGALOO website’s claim that the vessel is “the future of yachting.” The MIGALOO isn’t a submarine. Instead, it is a luxury yacht that you can take under the water. This “submersible superyacht” offers “extraordinary experiences for extraordinary people” with a price tag that has not been announced yet but is predicted to be $2.3 billion.


This would make the Migaloo the most expensive private object in the world.


The first rough concept of the submersible superyacht was completed in 2013.This project started when Christian Gumpold, CEO and founder, and co-funder and CEO Christopher Gloning came up with the idea of creating a hybrid from a submarine and a superyacht. Gumpold will custom design these superyachts to the purchaser’s specifications, with the owner’s need for privacy, security, and protection in mind.


The MIGALOO was designed with cooperation from international shipyards and yacht owners who understand the unique needs and demands of today’s discriminating superyacht consumers.


After TEOTWAWKI, four weeks is plenty of time to hide out under water, safely from the survivors who didn’t prepare.


What You Can Expect When You Buy a MIGALOO

At this time there are no luxury submersible vehicles in existence, so you could be the first. According to their website, the makers of the MIGALOO are limiting each of their models to just one worldwide. If you see one you’d like, now’s the time to act before someone else beats you to it.


About the MIGALOO M5

The MIGALOO M5 claims to be the most advanced and innovative yacht design worldwide. On board the M5 you will find:

  • Two custom 6-person mini-submarines
  • Two submersibles
  • Two surface tenders
  • 1 helicopter with heli hangar
  • Several Jet skis and toys
  • Several ROVs and UUVs
  • Two diver lockout chambers with hyperbaric chambers

This superyacht is able to travel at speeds of up to 20 knots surfaced and 12 knots when submerged. It can dive to a depth of 300 meters and stay there for as many as three weeks. You’ll have plenty of room for your loved ones, crew, and staff as well, because the M5 holds 32-40 people.


The MIGALOO has an overall length of 165.8 m. For comparison, the blue whale, which is the largest animal on earth, is only 24 to 30 meters long, making this submersible superyacht the approximate length of at least five blue whales. If you’ve ever stood under the blue whale in the Manhattan Natural History Museum, you understand exactly how awesome in size that is.


The MIGALOO’s safety features are also impressive. They include:

  • A data center
  • A safe room
  • A med bay and surgery
  • Panic rooms
  • Anti-piracy equipment
  • Storage for your valuables and documents
  • Private security


You’ll appreciate being able to keep your family, your team, and your belongings safe.

The MIGALOO project is a” sophisticated and fully feasible.” Its designers promise a level of luxury, exclusivity, and privacy that is unknown to even the wealthiest among us.  There’s a whole new world waiting for you below the waterline. It still remains to be seen who will be the first to explore it.


Join us again in the next installment of Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist for a look at more personal submarines you can buy if you want to ride out the apocalypse under water.



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