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Tech millionaires and billionaires from Silicon Valley’s Axis of Evil are preparing for the apocalypse. They work together with the Globalists to control the flow of information in the world today, so we must ask ourselves why? What do the ultra-wealthy know, and what are they doing to prepare for TEOTWAWKI?

I am Rob Raskin, a successful Las Vegas businessman who has invested considerably to make sure I am prepared for the collapse of society. Globalists want to destroy us as per Agenda 21, eliminating most of the earth’s population and forcing survivors into approved human habitation zones. Only those who have the means to survive independently will be able to escape this fate, and that’s why I started MillionaireSurvivalist.com.

When most of us think of doomsday bunkers, we conjure images of harsh gray steel and bleak surroundings. The truth is, your bunker does not need to be spartan or uncomfortable in order for you to ride out the threat of global annihilation. Today there are companies that specialize in helping the wealthy to ride out the storm in luxury, in fortified structures that can withstand a nuclear blast while providing premium amenities.

While it is not likely that society will collapse during our lifetime, there are many ways it could potentially happen:

  • Natural disasters like tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, solar flares, or even a cataclysmic pole shift
  • Terrorism
  • Food shortages
  • Viral pandemics
  • Nuclear war
  • The collapse of the grid
  • Civil war

The United Nations’ dystopian vision of the future is something we should all be afraid of. President Trump is fighting the Globalists, and I have complete confidence in his abilities. Still, however remote the possibility, if we have the ability to increase our chances of surviving we’d be foolish to not position ourselves and those we love for a positive outcome.

When there is no power grid, no law and order, no internet, and no one to report to, only the resourceful will survive. I’ll be posting articles here weekly to keep you up to speed on the latest news and products that will help you to do just that.

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