Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

We can all think of a handful of movies that have shaped and continue to shape our perception of the future via Sci-Fi special effects. This, in turn, has created an expectation for these items to existing one day. As the future marches on, so does the technological progress that attempts to show off what’s possible. What better way to do this than to show how close we are to living in the movie world?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review a few items that are collectible replicas and working prototypes of ultracool gadgets from famous films. We’re not mentioning all of them, as not all of them are as useful to us after the apocalypse has upset the social order.


This working version of the lightsaber shoots a foot and a half long flame sure to light someone’s cigarette (and hair) from a few feet away. What better way to say, “We’ve come a long way, baby?”


A prototype hoverboard a la Back to the Future II has been created by a company called Hondo. It’s only powerful enough to clear about an inch or so above the ground while under the rider’s weight, but it’s still levitation. So BACK OFF! JK, but seriously…

Golden Gun

True to form, this working replica of the prop used by James Bond in the 1974 film, The Man with the Golden Gun, features personal accessories covered with 18-carat gold. This includes a cigarette case that forms the grip and trigger, a zippo lighter that forms the muzzle, and a golden ink pen and cuff link that form the barrel. When put together, it can be loaded with the included golden bullets. By the value of the gold alone, this assures 007’s place in the hierarchy of classiness above The Lone Ranger, or pretty much any werewolf.


Not as impressive as the films, but then again, it serves to remind us that in our own hands, we’re still not as cool as Luke Skywalker or James Bond. Nonetheless, these would be pretty cool toys to play with, and our friends would be jealous. So, for this reason alone, items like this are cool in their own right. They also serve as a benchmark for how close we are and far we have left to go to get to that place where we live in the same world as our fictional heroes.

Imagine trotting these out at your next shindig. Oh, how your wife would roll her eyes. Now imagine fending off an attack against criminals once the apocalypse comes. Oh, the fun times that wait in the boudoir of your luxury underground bunker, as it’s clear she made the right choice.

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