Apocalypse Insurance: Are You Covered?

Apocalypse Insurance: Are You Covered?

The 2% are snapping up New Zealand properties. If you want to survive, you should, too.

American venture capitalist, political activist, and philanthropist Peter Thiel is worried about the apocalypse. He counts himself among a growing group of Silicon Valley billionaires who own massive underground survival bunkers in New Zealand. It is estimated that 50% of tech billionaires own a survivalist hideaway. Thiel has become a New Zealand citizen so he could buy property his 477-acre farm there while avoiding their foreign ownership laws.

After President Trump’s election, applications for Americans who want to move to the country skyrocketed 70% in just 12 short weeks. Why? It’s simple: they know something the rest of us don’t. More than anyone else—any single news source, politician, or other public figure—Silicon Valley controls the narrative. They do it through censorship of Conservative speech and by controlling the flow of information the rest of us are “allowed” to see.

When Silicon Valley’s wealthiest start investing in hidden bunkers, it is absolutely cause for alarm.

The collapse of our government will lead to civil unrest. On top of that we are facing the threat of disease, of famine, of recession, of invaders, and of terrorist attacks. Mother Nature could also throw a catastrophic event our way, or even a whole series of them. Between the collapse of the grid, EMP attacks, and chemical warfare, those of means aren’t taking any chances.

The list of other tech millionaires and billionaires who are buying in New Zealand is speculated to include many others besides Thiel. Bunker developer Rising S Co. alone has built seven properties for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and in a videotaped interview another developer claimed to have constructed a whopping 38 underground fortresses. The true number will most likely never be known, because the properties’ owners are heavily invested in remaining hidden and anonymous.

Why New Zealand is the Billionaire’s First Choice

How did New Zealand become the prepper billionaire’s country of choice? The popularity of this destination may have been partially inspired by Nevil Shute’s 1959 book On the Beach, which theorized that after an apocalyptic even the only safe places to retreat to would be New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the southernmost areas of South Africa. Shute believed those areas would also eventually become radioactive, but Shute wasn’t a billionaire, and he didn’t have today’s technology and building materials on his side.

Read this list and it becomes clear why the tech 2% are building bunkers in New Zealand.

  • Geographical isolation – due to its remoteness, it will be more difficult to reach for most survivors.
  • Low population – due to the country’s small size and low population, there will be fewer survivors to contend with.
  • Political stability – New Zealand is known to have a peaceful, stable government with smooth transitions of power.
  • Plenty of space – with so much free space, there are many places in the country you can buy land and build a bunker so well-hidden that you can only find it with GPS coordinates.
  • Plenty of food – This is a self-sufficient population with the ability to feed ten times its population. That means less chance people will come for what you have.
  • Shelter from climate change – rising sea levels won’t affect you in New Zealand, thanks to the mountains in the east and its distance from the equator.
  • Lack of enemies – New Zealand doesn’t have any enemies, and it’s not a target or on any enemies’ radar.

Agenda 21

Did you know New Zealand is officially an Agenda 21 country? While the country may seem like a doomsday prepper’s paradise, this throws a potential wrench into that plan. Agenda 21 is a plan to create one centralized world government. However, read the fine print and you’ll learn it’s much more. Agenda 21 is, in essence, a plan to eliminate the damage done to earth by humans by eliminating most humans altogether.

Sinister billionaire George Soros has donated $2,147,415 to the effort, and Obama, Clinton, and Bush approved it with an executive order because they had to in order to implement it – the plan has never been officially approved by the United States Congress. Why are our presidents so eager to push this through without allowing us to vote on it? We may not know the answers, but the Silicon Valley billionaires who are making plans to flee to an island on the other side of the world sure do. This should have all of us concerned.

If TEOTWAWKI is upon us, will those who flee to New Zealand survive? Let’s hope we never find out.

Are you unsure about what Agenda 21 contains? You can download a free copy of Agenda 21 from the United Nations website HERE.

Why are billionaires building huge, underground bunkers in New Zealand?


Millionaires and billionaires beware: people are already trying to find your bunkers.