Spring 2019 Anti-MAGA Hate Updates

Spring is at its end, Patriots, and there’s so much good news to report. It seems the Liberals are no longer getting their way by melting down anymore. The American public has officially grown weary of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it’s all over the news. We the People are over having our every word policed by the politically correct hysterics who have appointed themselves as the country’s moral authority. Many citizens are fighting back, with fantastic results.

MAGA Hat Kid Fights Back
High school student Nicholas Sandmann isn’t only suing fake news network NBC for defamation, though that is a part of his lawsuit. After NBC committed defamatory acts against the teen by knowingly twisting the narrative around an encounter between the students of Covington Catholic High School and anti-Trump activist Nathan Philips for ratings, the teen was mad. Suing mad.
Now Sandmann and his attorneys are taking the battle a step further and suing the network for pushing a fake anti-Trump narrative.
In the lawsuit, NBC is accused of:
• No fewer than 15 defamatory television broadcasts against the teen.
• Six defamatory online articles pushing the false narrative.
• Multiple tweets falsely accusing Sandmaan and his classmates from Covington Catholic High School of racism.
• Deliberately pushing a false narrative to create the hostile environment that led to the altercation and the way it was displayed to the public in the first place.
Since the time of the initial outrage, longer videos of the CovCath teens vs. Philips incident, longer video footage has been released that shows the entire situation was caused by Black Hebrew Israelites, who deliberately provoked the teens but are somehow not being called out by anyone on the Left online.
Sandmann’s attorneys have filed a suit against CNN for $275 million, and they’ve filed against the Washington Post for $250 million. That kid is going to be able to afford a lot of MAGA hats in the very near future.

Snopes Is Getting Sued
At long last, fake news outlets are being taken to court and held accountable. The Liberals behind Snopes have been working together with Facebook to keep Conservatives from getting the news that is important to us. Now, David Mikkelson, the co-founder of the so-called debunking site, is being sued by his own former partner.
The Democrat fake news propagator and his wife run Snopes from their Tacoma, Washington home. The couple is being accused of—and accusing their former partner of—fraud, financial mismanagement, embezzlement, and conspiracy. Sounds like a reliable, truthful, completely unbiased group of upstanding individuals.
Sounds like their greed got the better of them. The more fake news they peddle, the more they earn. It’s not surprising this hoax is imploding.

Anti-MAGA Artist Censored
Anti-MAGA artist Kate Kretz has been censored by Facebook and Instagram after posting photos of her artwork, which depicts supporters of President Trump’s MAGA agenda as racists, Nazis, and KKK supporters.
Jen Tough, owner of the Jen Tough Gallery, has decided against hosting the exhibit in her gallery, opting instead to announce a pop-up site closer to the time of the exhibit. Tough said this is the first time she has ever experienced threats over artwork she has displayed in her gallery. Regarding her decision to go underground, Tough said, “We can’t have someone getting hurt.” It’s amazing how tone-deaf the Left is. Conservatives are “someone.” How hurt would Liberals be if a Trump-supporting artist depicted them as actual Klansmen and Nazis?
The gallery owner, who seems to be oblivious to her own bias, went on to say, “Art is more important now than ever before…Kate’s message is important. It has to be shown. MAGA is a symbol of hate to many people — minorities, the LGBTQ community, women.” Tough’s sentiments completely discount the feelings, opinions, and beliefs of the large and growing number of minority, LGBTQ, and women voters who are casting their votes for Trump.

Despite the alleged threats, Jen Tough Gallery has remained untouched. If the situation was the other way around, do you really think Antifa wouldn’t have shown up with torches already?

Facebook Supports President Trump
Yes, you read that right. Despite the tiresome Liberal outrage, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to go ahead with their decision to sponsor the GOP’s July convention in Cleveland. Obviously, President Trump is going to be the Republican candidate again in 2020, and challengers from the Right are wasting everyone’s time and money. Despite this, Facebook is going ahead with plans to foot the bill for what has been described as one Democrat activist group as “sponsoring Trump’s contentious platform.”

You’ve been putting the pressure on, Patriots, and it’s working. Don’t let the Silicon Valley Axis of Evil and the Fake News Media get away with Conservative censorship. You have every right to want to keep America American, and your voices deserve to be heard. Together, we are changing the narrative. Next, we’ll save the country’s future.

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