Coronavirus Response for the 1%

Coronavirus Response for the 1%

This is not a test run. You finally have a reason to use your bunker.

It has been estimated that 50% of Silicon Valley’s tech millionaires and billionaires have a shelter. Politicians and A-list celebrities also own lavish TEOTWAWKI properties. With so many potential threats facing society as we know it, it makes sense that those who have the means are investing in their own survival.

Now that COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and the world has self-quarantined, that investment may be paying off. The recent pandemic may not be a doomsday scenario, but it’s a good reason to put your luxury shelter to use. Many of the world’s wealthiest people are doing just that.

This week at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist we’re going to take a look at how the ultra-wealthy are handling the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 and Wealthy Preppers

Over this next month, we can expect many of the world’s wealthiest people will remain sequestered in their private disaster bunkers. Many of these bunkers are abroad, in countries that have not been hit by the virus or have lower rates of infections.

Globally, the rate of death from COVID-19 has now surpassed 6,000. The WHO says this is 3.4% higher than earlier figures predicted. While some countries have been incredibly overwhelmed by the virus, these countries have very low rates of infection:

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Gibraltar
  • Monaco

Those who are in a position to jet off to an exotic island or a bunker in another secure location have already done so. Some people are taking personal doctors and nurses on their private jets with them so they will have medical staff on-hand should they require treatment.

For those who do not have private jets, millionaire concierge company Quintessentially is arranging emergency evacuation transportation. They offer an elite service that will allow their clients access to exclusive airport lounges and private travel that will lower their risk of having to interact with he public.

Many wealthy people have inquired about private coronavirus testing, but it is not available at this time due to a shortage of test kits. In lieu of testing, some people are opting for pricey vitamin and mineral intravenous infusions. These deliver essential nutrients directly to your bloodstream so you can enjoy optimal health.


What Wealthy People Who Didn’t Prepare Are Buying

While plenty of the world’s richest people have private luxury bunkers, not every wealthy person is ready for a disaster. In the face of the COVID-19 panic, they are stocking up on necessary supplies just like everyone else. It is what they buy that makes them stand apart from the other people who weren’t prepared.


Preppi Bags

We have written about Preppi bug-in bags here at the Millionaire Survivalist in the past. The company’s website states that their Prepster Backpack is “Oprah’s pick,” which hardly instills confidence. At least, it doesn’t for preppers who know better.

Co-founder Ryan Kuhlman has reported that their warehouse shelves are nearly empty. The C-list celebrities and rappers who bought Preppi’s products are about to learn that having a $5K monogrammed bag with gadgets won’t protect you.


Hammacher Schlemmer Anti-Virus Necklace

The Virus Eliminating Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier emits more than two million negative ions per second. These then attach to viruses and move them to positively charged surfaces. In theory, this necklace will move the virus away from your lungs.

On the website it is claimed that Hammacher Schlemmer’s rechargeable air purifying necklace “eliminates airborne germs from one’s personal space.” People who can afford it are rushing to buy this $150 necklace despite the fact that COVID-19 is not an airborne virus.


Hammacher Schlemmer Sanitized Sleeper’s Safe Haven

Hammacher Schlemmer once again comes to the rescue of those who didn’t prepare in advance by offering a $100 anti-virus sleep cocoon. The product is made from a patented antimicrobial fabric that kills nearly 100 percent of viruses, but it doesn’t mention if it’s been specifically tested for COVID-19.

Those who sleep tucked safely inside the Sanitized Sleeper’s Safe Haven can sleep soundly knowing this product will keep them virus-free while they sleep for life. According to the website, this sleep cocoon’s protective properties can’t be washed out.

The problem with a lifetime guarantee, of course, is that it depends on the length of the lifetime. If you depend on an anti-virus sleep cocoon to stay safe, that might not be too long. There is no substitute for preparing for a disaster before it happens. Once it’s started, it may be too late.

Although there is no way to predict what’s coming next, we hope by the next time you visit Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist the COVID-19 crisis will be winding down to its end. In our next installment, we will take a look at the best personal submarines to take aboard your yacht. Until then, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay prepared.



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