Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

Cool Movie Gadgets that Exist – Survivalist Edition

We can all think of a handful of movies that have shaped and continue to shape our perception of the future via Sci-Fi special effects. This, in turn, has created an expectation for these items to existing one day. As the future marches on, so does the technological progress that attempts to show off what’s possible. What better way to do this than to show how close we are to living in the movie world?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review a few items that are collectible replicas and working prototypes of ultracool gadgets from famous films. We’re not mentioning all of them, as not all of them are as useful to us after the apocalypse has upset the social order.


This working version of the lightsaber shoots a foot and a half long flame sure to light someone’s cigarette (and hair) from a few feet away. What better way to say, “We’ve come a long way, baby?”


A prototype hoverboard a la Back to the Future II has been created by a company called Hondo. It’s only powerful enough to clear about an inch or so above the ground while under the rider’s weight, but it’s still levitation. So BACK OFF! JK, but seriously…

Golden Gun

True to form, this working replica of the prop used by James Bond in the 1974 film, The Man with the Golden Gun, features personal accessories covered with 18-carat gold. This includes a cigarette case that forms the grip and trigger, a zippo lighter that forms the muzzle, and a golden ink pen and cuff link that form the barrel. When put together, it can be loaded with the included golden bullets. By the value of the gold alone, this assures 007’s place in the hierarchy of classiness above The Lone Ranger, or pretty much any werewolf.


Not as impressive as the films, but then again, it serves to remind us that in our own hands, we’re still not as cool as Luke Skywalker or James Bond. Nonetheless, these would be pretty cool toys to play with, and our friends would be jealous. So, for this reason alone, items like this are cool in their own right. They also serve as a benchmark for how close we are and far we have left to go to get to that place where we live in the same world as our fictional heroes.

Imagine trotting these out at your next shindig. Oh, how your wife would roll her eyes. Now imagine fending off an attack against criminals once the apocalypse comes. Oh, the fun times that wait in the boudoir of your luxury underground bunker, as it’s clear she made the right choice.

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Cool Gadgets to Survive Doomsday!

Cool Gadgets to Survive Doomsday!

Everyone knows that humans are all subject to the same consequences when facing problems without a solution. In the case of surviving doomsday, the penalty is beyond death- it‘s mass extinction. While there are many things to consider in planning to not fall victim to the inevitable catastrophes that await the ill-prepared, it would be foolish to overlook ways to prepare for even the daily risks we all take when we leave home.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider a list of cool gadgets to level the playing field in the event of an EOTWAWKI scenario or a camping trip. These don’t require millions of dollars to own, which is why there’s no excuse not to buy them as soon as you’re done reading this article 😊

Inspector Gadgets


The following list of items is sure to make you the hit of your next cocktail party, as you and your friends compete over who has the coolest toys to make them ready for when the SHTF.

Waterproof Matches

They can stay lit for up to 20 seconds, withstanding wind and rain. Provided you have access to the sticks, logs, tinder, etc., necessary to make a campfire, these are sure to come in handy. Needless to say, your guests will be able to smoke at your next hurricane party.

Personal Water Filtering Straw

It’s not anyone’s desire to have to drink from a toilet, a sewer, or a creek downstream from houses without plumbing, but if you had to, so would everyone else. This puppy filters out all the junk and disease so you can enjoy access to one of nature’s most vital elements.

Solar Powered Radio/ Flashlight/ Power Bank

Turn the wind-up crank and power a radio. Meanwhile, the solar panel stores energy to power your flashlight and cellphone charger.

BioLite Camp Stove

Often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of bonfire starters, this provides the fire you need for warmth, light, and cooking via a battery strong enough to charge your phone. It also comes with an attached lamp that conserves battery power.

GoTenna Mesh – Emergency Communication and Location Beacons

These little dongles attach to cell phones and allow private, encrypted communications without data or Wi-Fi service. They also send location info to the intended recipient.


While none of these items constitute a pocket-sized hot air balloon to quickly ascend from the violence and destruction sure to occur, these items are practical enough for daily use. Whether at the park, camping, or keeping in your car or backpack for emergencies, the items listed above can serve as interesting business gifts or stocking stuffers. Like a Swiss Army Knife, it makes preparedness fun. More importantly, the unexpected use they provide is why we love them.

So, if you’re interested in finding new and inventive ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones for a brutal reality they may not be ready to accept, give them something they can accept and forget about. As with a spare tire, a fire extinguisher, or automatic weapons, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Investing in Crypto for the Millionaire Survivalist

Investing in Crypto for the Millionaire Survivalist

In today’s world, we often hear people discussing the merits of investing in Bitcoin, a specific brand of cryptocurrency that’s digital and untied to any country or bank. While this is a relatively new consideration, the theory that underscores the technology is not. More importantly, the traction it’s gaining as a hedge against the value of the world currencies is reflective of the fear of economic collapse associated with buying gold. Many people prepping for doomsday, aka “preppers,” believe crypto to be the way forward.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider the merits of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as a hedge against the loss of the dollar if the SHTF.

Millennial Preppers – Untie! (sorry, wrong joke…)

Now that Gen Xrs are no longer the Spring chickens ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater to change the world, the Millennials can finally begin to understand what all the hubbub is about. As the Boomer generation works harder to return to the “tried and true,” they’re prone to respond to infomercials touting the merits of buying gold. Why? Because it’s always been the safest bet? True, but it could also have something to do with the fear of a world going to hell in a handbasket.

Meanwhile, the Gen Xrs are reaching the age of wanting to work less for their money and are as likely to consider the sage advice of their elders about gold and property, while also considering the advice of the Millennials who believe that digital currency will still have value when the governments fall.

According to investors, a little risk is fine when you’re young and single, but crypto is arguably as stable an investment as gambling in Vegas. However, given it’s a digital currency accepted in most mainstream places and all the dark web places, this conceivably offers an additional form of purchasing power. Of course, if the servers go down in an EOTWAWKI scenario, then it’s worthless anyway. Once again, it’s a gamble.

Needless to say, it’s not the best choice for trying to get out of debt. If you can afford it and are curious, a small percentage of your investment fun can be risked on Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example. You can do this effectively in Coinbase, which is the most widely known, trusted, and accepted place to buy and sell crypto.

Many “preppers” are all too happy to invest in a currency that’s independent of any nation or banking cartel. It makes perfect sense ideologically, but many aren’t aware that when crypto is sold for a profit, the ROI must be claimed on taxes, the same as any other investment income. Furthermore, the very idea that this will be the currency of the future is based on a world that has no laws but still has the internet.

Like my grandfather used to say, “The best investment is antique firearms because they go up in value, but unlike paintings, you can use them to shoot.”

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The Millionaire Castaway

The Millionaire Castaway

The man pictured above is David Glasheen. He traded the hustle and bustle of city life for the simplicity of island life over 30 years ago. While his story is a little more complicated than this, his life is emblematic of what’s possible when you possess the skills and mindset of a leader. While this story is often told to promote the theme of rejecting civilized life and money, there’s more to this story for those who care to probe a little deeper.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll take a closer look at the eccentric ex-millionaire who measures success and survival as the same. With only himself to rely on, he’s now 76 and still living an existence reminiscent of Tom Hanks on Castaway.

Deep Dive

David used his knowledge of business to amass a fortune. When he lost it all in the Australian stock market crash of 1987, he failed to recover and lost his home in ‘91. Rather than return to the business world, David found a way to use OPM (other people’s money) to retreat from his failure. He convinced his business partners to lease Restoration Island (pictured above) long enough to exercise their option to build a resort.

This remote island north of Australia was aptly named by Captain Bligh, who was pleased to find a sustainable situation here after he and his loyal crew were forced off the HMS Bounty. Thanks to David’s remarkable story, we know more about the life Bligh and his men must’ve lived. For over 30 years, David has collected rainwater, gathered nuts, berries, and coconuts, and hunted and fished. Unlike Bligh, David occasionally hops a ride on to the mainland of Australia for supplies such as soap and other ingredients needed to brew his own beer. He trades this beer for other items with the local aboriginals.

Necessary to his psychological well-being, David extolls the virtues of communication with the outside world, which he gets from a solar-powered internet connection. He also values companionship, which he gets from his beloved dingo, Zeddi, and his two female mannequins. He’s actively pursuing a relationship online despite knowing he could be evicted at any time, now that his lease has expired and his remaining investors pulled out. Despite a judge’s ruling that he has no right to be there, the Aboriginals accept him, and he refuses to leave.

Ironically, the interest he’s gained from his eccentric lifestyle has led to writing a book (pictured above), where he answers the myriad questions that he gets from the public. In it, he describes the ways in which he went about his life and how it led him to make this choice. He advises people interested in living a similar life to learn what they can from books about survival and to just go camping.

My hope is he makes enough money and gets enough press to buy the right to build a proper home and settle here. Who knows, maybe he’ll build a resort that teaches people how to live like him.

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Latest Threat to Millionaire Survivalists: Middle-Class Survivalists?

Latest Threat to Millionaire Survivalists: Middle-Class Survivalists?

When we think of the EOTWAWKI calamity of social unrest bound to result from a collapse of the social order, we imagine retreating to our well-protected, fully stocked, self-sustaining bunkers before being mobbed by hordes of feral masses. After all, there’s not enough room to house them, not enough food to feed them, and so forth. As a result, we can expect them to try to take what we’ve so carefully amassed for ourselves. Who can blame them? We’d do the same. Nonetheless, we’re on our own sides. But what happens when a group of survivalists with fewer resources bands together?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider opportunities available to groups who may not be as well-heeled as us but are no less eager to prepare to protect their families when the SHTF. They owe their opportunity to a retired Air Force colonel.

Take Me to Your Leader

Retired Air Force colonel Drew Miller, Harvard grad, has spent much of his career identifying scenarios that could trigger the collapse of society. Most notably, a terrorist group using biological warfare to take down the global transportation infrastructure and nukes at the poles where the atmosphere is the thinnest, which would take down spy planes and the electrical grid. His attitude is that the survival of America is contingent on more than just our leaders being secured in underground bunkers under the White House and in West Virginia. He believes America’s core is still self-reliant and prepared to DWIT to carry on, even without the money to do it for themselves.

His Solution

As the CEO of Fortitude Ranch, Miller has created a survival mentality real estate model very similar to our own but aimed at the middle-class market. The fifth property is under construction in Texas, and it’s the first operational proof-of-concept facility that offers year-round lodging designed to provide a “lock-down mode” feature when all hell breaks loose. It charges an $1850 down payment and annual dues of $1050. In addition, it offers country club amenities and a vacation arrangement that resembles the timeshare model: two weeks a year at any of the facilities as a vacation.

Other facilities are being designed and built, all within 500 miles of major cities in physical proximity to each other. While it fills an apparent void in the market of survival preppers eager to plan a way out of the chaos, there seems to be a lack of definitive security in place to do much more than collect money in exchange for vacations and the idea of safety. No doubt, someone will benefit from all this when the time comes, but wouldn’t someone, anyone, just take it over for themselves?

You betcha! This is why the facility is a threat. The passive individuals who lack the resources of the wealthy or the hardcore survivalism of the off-the-grid folks are paying into something that could likely be overpowered by a few street gangs, especially once the police are out of the picture. So, like the Navy would sooner burn its ship than see it become taken over by pirates, society needs to become concerned about public survivalist camps that could become concentration camps in a heartbeat.

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Review of article by The Onion – Survivalist’s Edition

Review of article by The Onion – Survivalist’s Edition

As they say, there’s truth in comedy because it uses fiction to tell the “truth about people.” Very often, this “truth” won’t be expressed any other way and can come in many forms, but none so revealing of an entire society as satire. When it comes to hard-hitting satire that holds a mirror up to the modern world, even Saturday Night Live is often outshined by the simple blurbs in The Onion.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll break down the components of an article mocking billionaires’ attitudes about what they feel will bring about the EOTWAWKI scenario we’re always discussing. This should shed some light on how society views these people and this subject.

Billionaires Predict the Biggest Threats to Humanity by The Onion

The article shows pictures of famous billionaires in popular culture and media, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on. For the purposes of this article, I’ll focus on jokes in common with the topics of this blog.

Remember: each joke is a fictitious response to the article’s premise: a prediction of the biggest threat to humanity.

Joke # 1: Elon Musk – “Once the robots realize they can leverage their collective labor and unionize, mankind is as good as doomed.”

Joke # 2: Warren Buffet – “Have you heard about the supervolcano under Yellowstone? It’s fuckin’ wild, dude! Like, basically all of Yellowstone is this big ass volcano, and it could blow at literally any time. That shit is fucking scary.”


 Clearly, joke # 1 joyfully reduces Musk, his accomplishments, and his “what if?” attitude to a caricature of a classic robber-baron capitalist with top hat and mustache.

Joke # 2 puts the words of a young hipster hiker into the mouth of a guy famous for business, not science.


This type of mockery is good-natured and meant to provide a softened attitude about people who, compared to the “common man,” possess an unfair advantage over the “rest of us.” It’s the old “us vs. them” bit, which has a way of making strangers bond over a common difference, which provides a type of social catharsis.

In the end, everyone benefits, which is why it is often the mocked who pay for this be done. As they say, there;’s no such thing as bad press. Just remember that when Armageddon comes, it’s the billionaires and millionaires that the masses are coming for. This is why survivalism is so essential.

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Millionaire Celebrity Survivalists?

Millionaire Celebrity Survivalists?

These blogs are often centered on survivalists who are also millionaires or millionaires who are also survivalists. However, we also like to review other aspects of the subject, such as how famous characters in cinema reflect the very worldview and mindset associated with this particular breed of person. Then there’s the far-less mentioned subject of the celebrity. Why? Perhaps it’s because celebrities aren’t in the business world and are often not in the survivalist world either. Come to think of it, they don’t seem to be in the same world as non-celebrities. This might explain the divide in the public consciousness between everyone with their feet on the ground and the young and inexperienced who believe anything a celebrity tells them.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review the only celebrity to publicly speak in favor of survivalism by way of not trusting the government, moving out of cities, and buying guys and bunkers. His name is Post Malone, and he’s a rapper.

Cultural Enigma or New Breed of American?

When I think of a rapper, I literally expect to see someone who looks, dresses, and acts like they’re in a gang. Why? Because of the success of gangster rap. Rap itself goes back to the Sugar Hill Gang in the 1970s and merely suggests that the goal is to talk during a song instead of sing. The artist acts more as a narrator than an actor portraying the character in the story. As the art form took off, it most notably blended singing, dancing, acrobatics, and urban issues, which reflected the artists’ lives.

Thanks to the success of the Beastie Boys in the 80s, the art form crossed over to white suburban audiences who appreciated the self-referential and pop culture references to the social commentary and gang violence. While many rap/rock acts have since come and gone, I can think of only one that also fuses country elements- Post Malone.

Post Malone plays a rock guitar and tells stories with themes that lend themselves to country music despite his rap vocalization style. Ow that he’s rich and famous, the 26-year-old has had a chance to show the world who he really is.

The result:

 He moved out of his $26M Beverly Hills rental and bought a $3M luxury compound in Utah.


The 13K sq foot mansion sits on seven acres of land in Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital. Post Malone’s message to everyone is to move out of the city and prepare yourself to defend against Martial Law, which would require the US government to override the Constitution to wage war against its own people. The point of this: to disarm them. For his many fans, I’m confident this rhetoric fits like a glove, but his move out of L.A. and into this new home seems to be a visible step in the direction of his ideology.

While this place is far from an underground bunker, the artist has claimed to have intentions of turning the home into an apocalypse-proof shelter with underground quarters with 30 bunk beds. He’s also publicly praised Utah for its open carry laws and legal purchase of silencers.

While it’s not uncommon for the rap artist to brag about their guns, they’re usually not white guys singing country. While his core fans are likely in lockstep a bit with his culture, politics, and worldview, we all know that naïve, confused white kids in the suburbs who are spoon-fed their morals by the media aren’t likely to buy a gun, even if they listen to gangster rap that glorifies cop killing.

This sociopolitical paradox is as old as the music’s success, which goes back to the 80s. Meanwhile, the kids growing up in the deep south are still wearing cut-off jeans and heading to the bayous, creeks, lakes, and beaches for Spring Break and Summer vacation with their automatic weapons, cases of beer, and footballs. They’re likely doing donuts in the sand with a jeep while blasting Post Malone. For them, this might be the only thing on the radio that speaks to their country sentiments about life, family, love, responsibility, and heartache while continuing to praise the American dream of patriotism, guns, freedom, and getting rowdy with beer and firecrackers.

This crop of kids like the energy of rap but aren’t interested in the anti-establishment lyrics and hatred of White America. They also don’t like sappy Country songs about crying in a bar drunk after losing a job and a girl, which is basically the blue-eyed blues.

Many of these kids like the alternative rock of bands like Nirvana but have zero interest in living in Portland or Seattle and reading poetry at coffee houses, bragging about the liberal agenda’s science-based approach to disarming a country in debt to the history’s most threatening superpowers.

So, if Post Malone can succeed and not sell out while calling the government liars, then maybe there’s still some meat left on the bone after all for the rest of us. Freedom of Speech is the first to go when freedom goes. Post Malone’s message of standing up for oneself, one’s beliefs, and heading out to the country with guns and bunkers makes this a free America afterall, regardless of one’s POV.

It also means that many millionaire survivalists aren’t alone in their worldview, even if most people will never afford the same options.

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Little Orphan Annie – Survivalist Edition

Little Orphan Annie – Survivalist Edition

While most of us are generally familiar with Little Orphan Annie from comic strips, Broadway, and film, she’s a bit of an afterthought in today’s world. However, she’s an orphan with no one to protect her. Thus she’s scrappy and knows how to handle herself. This makes her a bit of a role model for a young generation in a post-apocalyptic world. As a result, I believe this story bears a deeper consideration.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll take a deeper dive into the story world of Little Orphan Annie, including the underlying philosophy and social messages inherent in the themes and plots of the classic comic strip.

Meet Harold Gray

Though the story began as an 1885 poem called “Little Orphan Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley, the story we know today is the brainchild of comic strip artist Harold Gray (pictured above), who began the strip in 1924. The New York Daily Tribune was reluctant to run the strip at first since Harold Gray’s conservative, even Libertarian politics were diametrically opposed to the left-leaning Tribune Media, the newspaper’s parent company. Finally, the comic was printed in the August 5th edition when a test run proved popular with readers.

What began as a weekly comic strip soon became a daily strip as his fanbase grew, a fact Tribune Media could not contest. Gray’s fame and subsequent fortune grew during the Great Depression, as economic struggles increased and took center stage in the households of millions. Gray’s success became contentious by critics of the strip’s stance against communism, organized labor, and FDR’s New Deal. However, the core fanbase remained fiercely loyal, as did Tribune Media to its own sales. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

According to Gray, it all began when he walked down the streets of downtown Chicago looking for story ideas. He met a little ragamuffin girl named Annie. She had common sense and knew how to take care of herself, which Gray respected. At the time, a fraction of the comic strips focused on a female character, none of which had Annie’s wits and street smarts. Gray’s idea to center his stories on Annie as an orphan makes her struggles against the world a never-ending source of storylines.

Enter Daddy Warbucks

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks was something of a rags-to-riches story. The large, tough, streetwise machine shop owner seized an opportunity as a munitions producer for the WWI war effort. Later, he married a woman of modest means, and they never produced any children. While he was always away on business, she focused entirely on social climbing.

When Warbucks met Annie, she won him over with her chutzpah and self-reliance, along with her uncompromising morality in the face of danger. This compelled him to protect her and treat her as his own child. This is why he tells her to call him “Daddy.” This didn’t sit well with his socially conscious wife, who took every opportunity to throw her out of their house.

With Warbucks and Annie as the central figures of the classic story formula and plot, you can be assured that every story would give Annie an opportunity to struggle and Daddy Warbucks an opportunity to elevate her from her suffering.


Despite the large fanbase dating all the way back to the 1920s, the concept of a popular media comic strip promoting the rights of people and children to suffer through life without government support made Gray a bit of a controversial figure. Using storylines to promote the war effort by creating Annie’s Junior Commandos to recycle scrap metal for the war effort certainly benefitted our society and led to social praise of children in real life who participated. Still, the media constantly criticized him for promoting the supremacy of an unregulated, winner-take-all society with no social justice, labor laws, or interference with the wealthy.


Regardless of anyone’s political philosophy, the message of self-reliance, struggle, and morality at any age and income level may seem old-fashioned, but it’s real life. I think this story and these characters deserve to be seen as something other than yet another Broadway child star looking for fame and fortune. If the SHTF and society collapses, the orphans and opportunists will be all that remains. This makes them the heroes to the common man, which is all they were ever meant to be.

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The Millionaire Survivalist Extraordinaire

The Millionaire Survivalist Extraordinaire

Victor Vescovo, the radical multimillionaire, has made reaching new depths of the ocean’s floor his magnum opus. His wild blend of courage, skill, and deep pockets have enabled him to accomplish more than most could do in a thousand lifetimes. This cowboy explorer from Dallas, TX, is the ultimate millionaire survivalist driven more by inspiration than desperation.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review the accomplishments of a guy with the money to live his wildest dreams and break world records while paying out of pocket to achieve them.


As a member of team Five Deeps Expedition, Victor Vescovo reached his goal of being the first to reach the bottom of each of the world’s five seas: the Atlantic, Southern, Indian, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. This includes being the first to reach the bottom of the Marianas Trench’s infamous Challenger Deep at 10,925 meters, which is just under 36,000 feet. That’s a depth of nearly 6.8 miles!

While each member of the Five Deeps played a crucial part in the entire operation, Victor put up the money. Why? Because he had it. Also, he wanted to be the first to explore the deepest parts of the world’s oceans.

$30M Triton Submersible

The name of the submersible? The Limiting Factor, after an artificial intelligence entity in a science fiction novel. At 12 feet tall and 12.5 tons, The Limiting Factor was designed differently than previous submersibles. Aside from needing to handle pressure equivalent to nearly 300 fueled and fully loaded 747 Jumbo jets stacked on top of it, the Triton submersible would also be designed to allow two passengers to make repeat visits to these depths.

As Victor put it, mankind has done more to explore space than its own oceans, stating that less than 18% of the ocean had been mapped with any significant detail. While I’m certain gravity played a role in this decision, Victor adds that NASA’s 2018 budget was $4B, while the NOAA received $36.5M for ocean exploration and research. Victor’s solution? Put his money where his mouth is, naturally. But, where’d he get the money?

Victor Vescovo co-owns Insight Equity and sits on the board of 10 companies. Before that, he was an investment banker and management consultant. Where he made his millions was in reinventing industrial processes. This is where he raised the investment capital to invest in private equity in the first place. Consequently, this gives a guy like Victor the money to carefully pick his battles and his teams.

Victor is not just a lucky guy who’s smart with money. He pilots his own Embraer Phantom Jet and Eurocopter 120 helicopter. He also speaks seven languages and spent 20 years as a US Navy Reserve intelligence officer with top-secret clearance, including during 9/11.

Before Victor’s deep-sea dive challenge, he’d just achieved the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” by reaching the highest points on all seven continents, including Mt. Everest. He’d also skied about 62 miles to each of the North and South poles.

Victor Vescovo’s rare combination of big brains and brass cojones to match makes him a true millionaire survivalist, far more worthy of the public’s attention and admiration than pretty much anyone I can think of. But unfortunately, this only adds to the ever-widening chasm between the absolute worldviews of those with the capacity to do the extraordinary and pretty much everyone else.

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$5.9M Luxury Bunker for Sale in Vegas

$5.9M Luxury Bunker for Sale in Vegas

If you’re a millionaire survivalist or a real estate investor, there’s no better way to spice up your portfolio while hedging your bet for doomsday than this. It’s an old-school bomb shelter converted into a full-on subterranean home 26 feet beneath Spencer St. For the non-locals, this is approximately 2.5 miles east of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. This place is the perfect retreat for anyone coming back from EDC because of its amusement park-style décor.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll look into the latest bit of luxury real estate to hit the market, which offers an engaging time-capsule experience to anyone who enters while also offering additional survivalist options for anyone in Vegas.

Life Underground

This 15,000 square foot bomb shelter was converted into a luxury home in 1978 by Jerry Henderson, owner of Underground World Homes. Jerry was a self-described subterranean living enthusiast and investor with multiple underground houses in numerous real estate markets. At $5.9M, this particular location comes furnished with a pool, a jacuzzi, a casita, a putting green, and a 500-foot-long mural of an outdoor landscape to give the illusion of being outside. Add to this programmed time-of-day lighting, and you’ll enjoy an anxiety-free luxury living experience.

Even more interesting is the means of entrance. At street level, you enter a building structure at 3970 Spencer St. and take the elevator 26 feet down. When you get there, you see a surreal, almost cartoony version of the standard American home from the late 70s.

Of course, it’s still decorated with Vegas in mind, which is why it has a disco dancefloor instead of a concrete patio. But, despite these superficial differences, the whole place has been designed to survive underground for long periods without losing one’s nerves. As a result, it’s a perfect example of post-modern thinking as the classic cold war bomb shelter is repurposed way before the prepper’s ruled the world and before the millionaires were among them.

Given the current state of things at the national level, it’s no wonder the owners of this property felt the timing was right to reveal it to the public, especially given that the original occupants are now deceased. This is a one-of-a-kind offering in Vegas and a chance to be a part of history AND the future.

As a local, I can tell you that the options are limitless as all the heavy lifting has been done. The amount of effort and expense to create this bomb shelter must’ve been a fortune, given that the caliche rock beneath the topsoil here requires the use of explosives and/or a diamond-headed drill bit. The extra effort and expense to convert this into a livable, habitable space that can be legally considered housing must’ve been another fortune.

The next occupant could keep it with only superficial updates or consider taking it to the next level. Considering where it is, this could even mean a nightclub or hotel. The options are literally limitless. One thing’s for sure, someone will snatch this up if they haven’t already. And that someone is likely to be primed to showcase their vision for the next big thing in Vegas.

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