Latest Threat to Millionaire Survivalists: Middle-Class Survivalists?

Latest Threat to Millionaire Survivalists: Middle-Class Survivalists?

When we think of the EOTWAWKI calamity of social unrest bound to result from a collapse of the social order, we imagine retreating to our well-protected, fully stocked, self-sustaining bunkers before being mobbed by hordes of feral masses. After all, there’s not enough room to house them, not enough food to feed them, and so forth. As a result, we can expect them to try to take what we’ve so carefully amassed for ourselves. Who can blame them? We’d do the same. Nonetheless, we’re on our own sides. But what happens when a group of survivalists with fewer resources bands together?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider opportunities available to groups who may not be as well-heeled as us but are no less eager to prepare to protect their families when the SHTF. They owe their opportunity to a retired Air Force colonel.

Take Me to Your Leader

Retired Air Force colonel Drew Miller, Harvard grad, has spent much of his career identifying scenarios that could trigger the collapse of society. Most notably, a terrorist group using biological warfare to take down the global transportation infrastructure and nukes at the poles where the atmosphere is the thinnest, which would take down spy planes and the electrical grid. His attitude is that the survival of America is contingent on more than just our leaders being secured in underground bunkers under the White House and in West Virginia. He believes America’s core is still self-reliant and prepared to DWIT to carry on, even without the money to do it for themselves.

His Solution

As the CEO of Fortitude Ranch, Miller has created a survival mentality real estate model very similar to our own but aimed at the middle-class market. The fifth property is under construction in Texas, and it’s the first operational proof-of-concept facility that offers year-round lodging designed to provide a “lock-down mode” feature when all hell breaks loose. It charges an $1850 down payment and annual dues of $1050. In addition, it offers country club amenities and a vacation arrangement that resembles the timeshare model: two weeks a year at any of the facilities as a vacation.

Other facilities are being designed and built, all within 500 miles of major cities in physical proximity to each other. While it fills an apparent void in the market of survival preppers eager to plan a way out of the chaos, there seems to be a lack of definitive security in place to do much more than collect money in exchange for vacations and the idea of safety. No doubt, someone will benefit from all this when the time comes, but wouldn’t someone, anyone, just take it over for themselves?

You betcha! This is why the facility is a threat. The passive individuals who lack the resources of the wealthy or the hardcore survivalism of the off-the-grid folks are paying into something that could likely be overpowered by a few street gangs, especially once the police are out of the picture. So, like the Navy would sooner burn its ship than see it become taken over by pirates, society needs to become concerned about public survivalist camps that could become concentration camps in a heartbeat.

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