Review of article by The Onion – Survivalist’s Edition

Review of article by The Onion – Survivalist’s Edition

As they say, there’s truth in comedy because it uses fiction to tell the “truth about people.” Very often, this “truth” won’t be expressed any other way and can come in many forms, but none so revealing of an entire society as satire. When it comes to hard-hitting satire that holds a mirror up to the modern world, even Saturday Night Live is often outshined by the simple blurbs in The Onion.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll break down the components of an article mocking billionaires’ attitudes about what they feel will bring about the EOTWAWKI scenario we’re always discussing. This should shed some light on how society views these people and this subject.

Billionaires Predict the Biggest Threats to Humanity by The Onion

The article shows pictures of famous billionaires in popular culture and media, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on. For the purposes of this article, I’ll focus on jokes in common with the topics of this blog.

Remember: each joke is a fictitious response to the article’s premise: a prediction of the biggest threat to humanity.

Joke # 1: Elon Musk – “Once the robots realize they can leverage their collective labor and unionize, mankind is as good as doomed.”

Joke # 2: Warren Buffet – “Have you heard about the supervolcano under Yellowstone? It’s fuckin’ wild, dude! Like, basically all of Yellowstone is this big ass volcano, and it could blow at literally any time. That shit is fucking scary.”


 Clearly, joke # 1 joyfully reduces Musk, his accomplishments, and his “what if?” attitude to a caricature of a classic robber-baron capitalist with top hat and mustache.

Joke # 2 puts the words of a young hipster hiker into the mouth of a guy famous for business, not science.


This type of mockery is good-natured and meant to provide a softened attitude about people who, compared to the “common man,” possess an unfair advantage over the “rest of us.” It’s the old “us vs. them” bit, which has a way of making strangers bond over a common difference, which provides a type of social catharsis.

In the end, everyone benefits, which is why it is often the mocked who pay for this be done. As they say, there;’s no such thing as bad press. Just remember that when Armageddon comes, it’s the billionaires and millionaires that the masses are coming for. This is why survivalism is so essential.

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