Millionaire Survivalists in Film  – Part 3

Millionaire Survivalists in Film  – Part 3

When it comes to film, nothing portrays the elegance and sophistication of the millionaire lifestyle combined with the extreme skill and preparedness of a classic survivalist like James Bond. The class and charisma in a room full of royal dignitaries nicely offsets fighting a henchman on a collapsing bridge. While 007 never discussed his wealth, he was a notable high roller with ties to the British Crown. For this reason, along with his cool gadgetry, it’s no wonder James Bond is still the epitome of the classic modern proto-European alpha male ideal.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review the most high-tech 007 gadgets that really do exist, or at least use existing technology. While such toys of mass destruction are typically the territory of the Dept. of Defense, for the right price, anything’s possible.

Enter Q….

In every classic Bond film, 007 enters a secret weapons room where Q, the brain responsible for designing all the gadgets, introduces Bond to the surprises ready to prepare him for his next mission. I always imagine Sean Connery’s gun barrel car headlights or Roger Moore’s cufflinks with a tiny camera. But the list below should prove to be much more practical.


Palm-print gun activation – 2012’s Skyfall saw Daniel Craig at gunpoint by his enemy’s henchman holding the classic 007 Walther PPK. A hairy situation for our hero. Thank Q that the biometric systems locked it when the henchman pulled the trigger. No shots were fired, and Bond narrowly escaped death’s door once again. While the palm-print-activated gun itself is not known to have been created, the biometrics tech exists. It’s most notably usable in modern laptops and cell phones, banks, and other industries, making excellent use of this technology for sensitive situations involving sizeable transactions.

Fake Fingerprints – in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery used fake fingerprints to trick his co-star, Tiffany, by lifting prints from the drinking glass of another person. While it may seem farfetched by today’s standards, this was cutting edge by early 70s standards, thus reaffirming Bond films’ early introduction of sci-fi gadgetry to new generations.

Smartphone – 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies sees Pierce Brosnan with a cellular phone equipped with a stun gun, an antenna-shaped lock pick, and a fingerprint scanner. The idea of this during a time before smartphones, before the average person had any cell phone, was spellbinding. Meanwhile, the 2013 iPhone featured biometric authentication, completely dominating the smartphone market.

Microchip Vital Signs Telemetry

 In Casino Royale (2006), Daniel Craig’s debut appearance as 007 sees him get microchipped by M, the director of the British Secret Service. Later, when 007’s martini is poisoned at the big poker game in Montenegro, his vitals are broadcast to headquarters. Modern telemedical devices are using this technology more often in devices such as pacemakers and orthopedic implants.

The Smart Car

 Since 1964, the iconic Aston Martin DB5 has been “modded” repeatedly across multiple films so 007 could use it as a plot pay-off to save the day. While it must’ve seemed like a pipe dream in the early days, later models of the DB5 actually include bullet-proof windows, tire slashers, oil slick ejectors, and the ejector seat. Other modern smart cars now feature eSIMs technology for voice assistance and emergency calls.

In conclusion, we have James Bond to thank for inspiring us to always be ready, armed with courage, survival skills, and futuristic gadgets to save the day, do the impossible, bag the win, and the girl whenever possible. In preparing for an SHTF moment, it’s not always necessary for an actual apocalypse. Modern tech for advanced problem-solving has many applications, all of which can provide everyday convenience and improved quality of life.

Bulletproof Suit, anyone?

Bulletproof Suit, anyone?

In the third installment of the John Wick franchise, audiences were wowed at the prospect of the hero wearing a bulletproof suit to his epic shoot-out. While adults know such things are flights of fancy that make for a good story, the need to identify with someone prepared to go to extreme lengths to save the day is hardwired in all of us. This is why we wore superhero costumes as kids.

Anyway, who couldn’t use a bulletproof suit? But, more importantly, who’s to say it can’t be done?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider the value of the bulletproof suit to your average, garden variety millionaire whose life is potentially in jeopardy due to the nature of money and power. But, even if they don’t consider themselves the classic, rugged survivalist type, or even an urbane and sophisticated James Bond type, there are times when we need all the help we can get.

A banker, a tailor, and a fashion designer walk into a bar…

While this seems to be the ideal outfit for a hitman, most customers are high-profile bankers and businessmen who need a little extra protection when traveling out of town on business. So while they may seem like your average, everyday dapper gentleman getting in and out of limousines, helicopters, and private jets, their nice but normal-looking suit is bulletproof.

The fabric is made from carbon nanotubes and is thinner, more flexible, and 50% lighter than Kevlar. While the material is sourced from US Special Forces in Iraq, the company tailoring these fashionable suits is based in Canada. International competition has emerged due to the success of the suits’ proven ability to “catch” a bullet in a live demonstration, and again from the first inauguration of President Obama, who claims to have worn one for the occasion.

Additionally, a clothing designer in Colombia styled as the Armani of bulletproof clothing is a force in the market for apparel made of this fabric. As such, it seems one’s entire wardrobe could be bulletproof without broadcasting this or the fact that there’s a reason for this level of concern. But hey, anyone who frequents the big nightclubs in a bulletproof Escalade might just as well be a candidate.

Given that the suits can go as high as $20K, it’ll be interesting to see how well this trend takes off and becomes the next standard practice of today’s elite. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make hats, umbrellas, curtains, etc. But, of course, the more products made and sold, the more the price comes down, and the more data can influence the next wave of products to appeal first to the high-end luxury market.

One thing’s for sure, in an EOTWAWKI scenario, the run from the office to the chopper could be the 30 seconds of vulnerability where this suit really pays for itself.

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Solar Powered Jets and the Millionaire Survivalist

Solar Powered Jets and the Millionaire Survivalist

Sure, it sounds cool, but how practical is it? Is this yet another attempt by the tree huggers to take down big oil so they can help their hidden masters corner the market on future tech? I haven’t the foggiest, but I know this: anyone familiar with the prospect of a post-apocalyptic future knows that whoever controls the few remaining sources of energy, transportation, self-protection, etc., will have the power to rule the world.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll review the advancements in solar-powered aircraft and the direction experts believe it will go in the future.

Current State of the Art

The Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project includes two operational aircraft. The prototype, Solar Impulse 1, is a fixed-wing, single-seated monoplane powered by photovoltaic cells. It takes off with its own power and is designed to remain airborne for 36 hours without a single drop of fuel. Impulse 1 flew a successful test flight in 2009, and in 2010 flew a 26-hour flight from Switzerland to Spain and then Morocco.

In 2014, the second aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, was outfitted with more solar cells and more powerful motors, and in 2015 circumnavigated the globe. That’s a 25,000-mile flight worldwide, covering four continents, two oceans, and three seas without a single drop of fuel. It has a wingspan wider than a B-747 jumbo jet but only weighs 5,000 pounds, which is close to a typical family car. It has over 17,000 photovoltaic solar cells, each the thickness of a human hair. It charges the plane’s four lithium batteries for night flights.

Unfortunately, with the extreme size relative to the low weight, the plane’s aerodynamics are a bit unwieldy. A wing dip of more than five degrees or strong winds from bad weather can cause it to spin out of control. So, for now, solo flights are not practical. It also has to fly at 30,000 feet during the day, which requires onboard oxygen, and 5,000 feet at night to avoid depleting the batteries during steep climbs.

Meanwhile, the US Navy has been working on a solar-powered aircraft that can fly continuously for 90 days. The Skydweller is a modification of the Solar Impulse 2 and includes new software and upgraded hardware. This is a significant leap forward in our ability to man flights not previously possible and to continue to fly if fuels become too scarce or impractical. In addition, it could be used as a communications relay platform or monitor of escort ships.


While I doubt most pilots are eager to change what has always worked for them, time will tell if this becomes a viable option on the commercial market. If it does, this solar-powered option can assist future millionaire survivalists in operating aircraft long after the technology and money for supplying fuel have collapsed, provided a nuclear winter, volcanic ash, or other calamity doesn’t block out the sun.

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The Millionaire’s Perspective on Survival

The Millionaire’s Perspective on Survival

In a society such as ours, where most people work a job they wouldn’t do were it not for the money, in a building they don’t own, for a product they don’t own the patent to, for a profit they won’t receive, it can be hard for them to relate to their bosses and business owners. But, of course, not all business owners are millionaires and vice versa. For the sake of this article, it’s more typical that a millionaire with a clear head about survival is not a spoiled prince.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll focus on the attitudes about daily life in the mind of the 1% compared to the rest of the 99%. The millionaire survivalist ranking compared to the average American may surprise you at first.

One pant leg at a time…

 Sure, you’re average, every day, working-class joe hardhat wears his heart on his sleeve, drinks a few beers with friends after work, and then goes home to his loving wife and kids in time for dinner and TV. So far, this sounds like the Simpsons. So, does this mean all rich people are like Mr. Burns? Of course not. Mr. Burns was a caricature of a classic villain from vaudeville to satirize the face of corporate greed in America. But are all millionaires corporate stuff-shirt types?

When I think of a successful millionaire entrepreneur like Richard Branson, I think of a risk-taking, meat-eating, whiskey-drinking man’s man. A ted Turner type. But what about Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? Sure, they have their fingers on the pulse of the masses via social media and pop culture, but how would they fare in an EOTWAWKI scenario where their money can’t save them? Would they do better than Richard Branson? Or Homer Simpson?


It’s a myth that money makes people weak or that all strong people are good at fighting or surviving, and thus that all courageous people are muscular. It’s just as foolish to assume that all survivalists are different genetically, especially given that they can train anyone of any age, gender, physical size, intelligence, or income level to do all that they can do, such as making fire, making tools, learning to filter water in the wild, and so on.

So, where then do millionaire survivalists fit with regular survivalists?

The answer: depends on the situation.

If a nuclear bomb hits and only the very wealthy are in underground bunkers, some percentage of them will survive, even if their money no longer has value. Hopefully, they have enough food stored to not have to leave and expose themselves to radiation or mutants. Meanwhile, a big, rugged survivalist in the woods will be a shadow scorched onto the radioactive desert floor.


Despite Richard Branson’s age, I’d be surprised were he not more prepared for the unknown than even your average big lug at a football game. It has nothing to do with potential but rather the cultivation of skills and mindset measured as a specific form of success. When the SHTF, the leader is the one who knows exactly what to do. No one will care about anything other than the hope that they’re right and will lead them to safety.

Millionaire or not, survivalist or not, I believe a child’s education should include self-reliance in the wild, the water, saving a life, etc. I personally believe that a society of individuals prepared to face a life-threatening challenge without any help is the first major step toward any form of equality, including income, as the spirit of entrepreneurship is nurtured through fearlessness in the face of risk. But that’s just me…



Let’s Play: “Who’s the Bad Guy?” – Survivalist Edition

Let’s Play: “Who’s the Bad Guy?” – Survivalist Edition

There’s a trend in the modern world where everyone is supposed to be amiable and attractive on social media, even at the expense of gaining agreement with others in one’s own neighborhood. Now more than ever, people are more interested in maintaining their own standard of living (comfort) than in preparing for a tough road that’s made more brutal with the ethical dilemma to never lie, cheat, or steal, even when it could be life-threatening not to.

Today on Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider the righteous path of a group of people whose primary survival strategy involves agreeing with the group most able to care for them vs. a group of individuals who live life without a guarantee or guarantor. Since the ladder better represents the ethic of your classic millionaire, methinks you’ll enjoy this.

The Millionaire Survivalist Tradition

Not all of us can be millionaires, but I think most of us can avoid living in the restroom of a Greyhound Station, provided, of course, that we’re not so drug-addled as to be incapable of detecting the plot of our own failed existence.

Sure, you might think all this sounds mean because of the statistic of mental illness associated with homelessness and drug addiction, but consider this: the very condition by which people are being cultivated as cattle to be mindless consumers from the cradle to the grave, all believing they’re on a path to becoming superstars, is the source of much of the mental illness. It foments the inability to understand the boundary between reality and fantasy. Not to punch down or seem uncaring, but anyone whose survival strategy involves being a concubine to the highest bidder is not exactly in a position to tell other people how they should live. Unfortunately, this describes a high percentage of today’s youth, many males. But I digress…

To many, the very rich are villains with a classic winner-take-all attitude. As such, social media and the news are rife with story after story about what humanitarian steps people should take to be fair to others, much of which requires letting go of control of one’s own life choices.

To the millionaire survivalist, they say, “No thanks!” See? They’re too busy not being confused, on drugs, doubting their abilities, wondering what they could’ve been if someone in their family had put them in their place in their formative years. They’re too busy relishing every minute of their mental and physical strength that gives them an edge over their own fears, doubts, and limitations, such that they have the unmitigated gall to try and fail in front of others as many times as it takes to succeed.

This is what’s missing from today’s world. Everything else is second to this. This is why we think differently than the rest. This is why we don’t want others meddling in our affairs. This is why we go in the opposite direction of the rest of the herd.


This “child-star” culture of today seems ill-prepared for a life of hard work, financial struggle, and social mediocrity. It’s hard, but we all had to go through it. So did our parents, and their parents, and so on. Every generation had more and more electronic media pumping their young minds with proof that buying a particular cereal or clothing would equate to a life akin to aristocracy in other countries. In the end, we either learn to adapt or suffer the consequences.



Survival Training – Millionaire Style

Survival Training – Millionaire Style

After reflecting upon the survival topics of recent blog articles, I realized that there seems to be no obvious option in the marketplace to prepare millionaires for that EOTWAWKI scenario. While the current market is loaded with luxury underground bunkers and backpacks with water purifiers, what about learning some real-world skills? Does anyone offer a survival audit to see if your doomsday plan is up to snuff?

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll discuss a survival camp that offered to train today’s millionaires for the apocalypse while still offering the luxury of a resort vacation.

Luxury Survival Camp

According to an article in the July 2013 issue of Men’s Journal, there was once an option to attend a week-long training camp at Canyon Ranch, a luxury resort in Tucson, AZ. Led by survivalist Randy Kinkade, the instruction centered on practical skills, such as situational awareness and resourcefulness in a natural setting. While there are/were many such programs around the country, only this one offered the gourmet food and full-service spa, along with the other opulent amenities of a world-class resort.


While on the surface, this offering could seem laughable to many rough-and-tumble survivalists, this hybrid program was also the only luxury resort vacation that offered a hands-on survival training camp with practical skills and outdoor adventures. So, it seemed to be the best of both worlds and an excellent way for a family to enjoy a luxury vacation, outdoor adventure, and learn some practical survival skills.

The resort’s travel package offered two programs:

1. The regular classes built into this package offered the following:

  • Instructor Randy’s guided hiking and biking tours along 50 trails and 20 high-altitude trails (2 – 9,000 feet) in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
  • Fire-building with a drill stick, fiberboard, and tinder gathered locally
  • The chance to face the frustration of fear that leads to self-doubt in a crisis situation so that a proper plan could be executed in a clutch moment

2. Primitive Outdoor Skills Package twice a year that also included:

  • Hoko-style knife made from stone, sticks, and yucca fibers.
  • Tracking and observational skills to avoid getting lost in nature
  • Hunting with rustic weaponry
  • How to improvise in the wild with nothing, Bear Grylls style.

Additionally, these guided tours include transportation to and from the trailhead, backpacks, water, snacks, bikes, helmets, and access to monkey ropes, so vacationers can cut loose in the wild.

At $3,030 per person, the all-inclusive travel package offered a four-night stay at the luxury resort, including dining, spa, entertainment, and transportation to and from the Tucson Airport. Unfortunately, this package is no longer offered at the Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson, and Randy Kinkade appears MIA.

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6 Millionaire Traits That Anyone Can Adopt – Survivalist Edition

6 Millionaire Traits That Anyone Can Adopt – Survivalist Edition

According to Investopedia, all success stories found their way to the top because of six essential traits or characteristics they share:  independent thinking, vision, skills, passion, investment, and salesmanship. In addition, in today’s world, any success story with an eye toward the future includes a plan for success despite an apocalypse that would ruin their parade.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider how the traits for those who achieve monetary success translate to the steps to succeed in any circumstance, including the apocalypse, where perhaps money is not the measure of success.

What does money matter with TEOTWAWKI?

It has been said that success is a game, and money is the way to keep score. This applies to survival more than any other endeavor, as the penalty for failure is death, and possibly not just your own. Imagine struggling to succeed financially only to have everything and everyone you love ripped away from you. What would be the point?

So whether it’s rags to riches, millions to billions, or the desire for an heir apparent to prove one’s own worth to the patriarch in power, we’re talking about guts, character, and the internal drive to succeed often not found on those who passively accept what life hands them, money or not.

Now that we’ve established the rat in the maze and the penalty for not getting the cheese, let’s focus on the game of success.

Game Theory

As any complex situation can be reduced to a game, the object is to win, so does the victor employ strategy. The first strategy often is to pretend that nothing has happened or is known. For example, suppose the world would end, and the news headlines broadcasted pandemonium. In that case, the first order of business for a success-minded individual is to waste no time on actions that don’t advance more success.

By remaining cool and calm, the next logical consideration is “How close am I to the danger?” Then, “What are my options?” and finally, “What’s the most strategically advantageous choice I can make?” Chances are, the millionaire is saying, “Time to enact operation SHTF.”

By moving calmly to a predetermined location as part of a successful survival scenario, such as a place of refuge, a hideout, a bomb shelter, a car to drive away, or an elevator to the roof where a helicopter is waiting, we see our hero not acting like the masses of frightened citizens.

Collectively, this demonstrates characteristic # 1: independent thinking

Success requires expert knowledge of how a situation works and can be won or lost. This informs the other characteristics, including abiding by a clear vision of success based on strategically avoiding what equals failure. Add to this any skill needed at this moment. By skill, this means any helpful ability that can be learned, practiced, improved, and perfected, including an escape plan for the EOTW scenario.

The next characteristic in the list is passion, which you might think is easy in this case since we’re all passionate about survival or simply not dying. But to a success-minded individual, the passion for maintaining the sense of self, the presence of mind, and of carrying out an expert plan that allows the organism to stay entirely in control of itself without missing a beat is what’s at stake. The winner will always be faithful to the plan they so carefully calculated as a matter of honor.

Beyond this, investment into the means necessary to have a plan in place is worth more than money in the bank or a win on wall street. Still, according to game theory, you can expect the possessor of one to possess them all. This is the very definition of hedging one’s bets.

Finally, salesmanship. Only when a messenger who understands what’s at stake can understand what’s needed and why can they have a shot at convincing others. Of what you might ask? If things are worse than our hero might have predicted, they would never advise those dependent on their judgment or care to worry or get excited. Instead, they would remind everyone to remain calm and take a breath.

Descending into chaos is never the solution, which is why good leadership requires rehearsing the act of staying calm and maintaining a clear presence of mind in any perceivable crisis situation. This spells success on any battlefield, provided the strategy and execution can be carried out with expert timing.

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