Vivos: World’s Largest Private Bunker Community

This California Company Offers Group Survival and Much More

Are you looking for a doomsday bunker that doesn’t require any extreme survivalism training? Welcome to Vivos, the survival community of the future. Vivos is offering a unique solution for those who want to survive after the SHTF but don’t feel confident about their chances of making it on their own. That’s why over 50,000 people have applied for a space in this sought-after shelter.

Would being a part of an upscale survival community be the right choice for you? This article contains the information you’ll need to make an informed decision before taking the next step.

About Vivos

The Vivos Group was founded by Robert Vicino, whose network of secret underground bunkers are geared toward the wealthy “everyman” who is seeking shelter after a theoretical apocalyptic event, but isn’t the type who has a bunker and extensive prepping experience. Perhaps they even have no prepping experience at all.

If this describes you, at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist we strongly recommend you seek out survival training immediately. However, if this isn’t a possibility with your current schedule, joining a community may be your next best alternative.

The Vicino shelter sits under the earth’s surface just outside of Los Angeles, in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. Vicono intends for his shelters to be “life assurance for a dangerous world.”

Though it’s not possible to assure anyone’s life after TEOTWAWKI—especially not anyone who hasn’t had any training—Vicino claims these shelters can withstand a variety of natural catastrophe and man-made castrophe conditions. These include everything from volcano and nuclear blasts to flooding, earthquakes, extreme winds, chemical and biological attacks, biological attacks, and even armed assaults.

Who is applying to live in the Vivos community? Although tens of thousands have shown interest, what the community is looking for is a mix of skills that will benefit everyone. Doctors, electricians, educators, mechanics, and more are strongly encouraged to apply.

What You’ll Find in the Vivos Community

Wondering what you’ll find in Vivos? A better question is what won’t you find? Robert Vicino and his team have thought of every last detail when it comes to what a large group of people will need to survive and thrive in a hidden bunker for a long period of time.

Within Vivos there are:

  • A school
  • A gym
  • A volcanic ash remover
  • A game room
  • A shooting range
  • Radios
  • A pet park
  • Generators
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Medical and dental suites and supplies
  • Air filters
  • A decontamination room
  • Communal dining and living areas
  • Communal kitchen for half-suites
  • Private kitchens for private full suites
  • Full bathrooms with bidets
  • A system that repels birds
  • A swimming pool

The shelter has been decorated in a way that is meant to calm the people who live within, from the art to the paint colors. On top of this, the facility will contain a year’s supply worth of food for each and every resident. If you run low, it’s no problem, because Vivos also has facilities to grow more food underground.

Vivos’s Failed Terravivos Resort

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it very well may be. In 2014, the company scrapped plans to create a luxury bunker and resort that could hold 5,000 people.

This project was a response to the predicted “Mayan apocalypse” of 2012, which, obviously, failed to materialize. The shelter would have offered over 2,000-square-feet of living space, with premium amenities that went far beyond anything the California. Vivos community has to offer, including an indoor skate park and golf course.

After investing “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on engineering, the project was abandoned due to its location within an abandoned limestone mine, which was eventually deemed to be unsafe. The project struggled to attract investors and in the end never was able to build the kind of momentum something of that scale would require in order to get off the ground—or, in this case, under it.

Of the failed endeavor, Vicino appears to have chalked the failure up to a simple, “Some ideas work out, and some don’t.” The developer is now putting his energy into new luxury survival communities, including one in Indiana.

The proof that Vivos intends for its current community to survive in the long-term and not just the immediate fallout of a catastrophic event lies in its DNA vault. This company is serious about helping the people who reside in their shelters to live comfortably while they continue the species. Sounds like a worthwhile goal to us.

Whether or not it will work out the way Vivos has planned in a real-life disaster situation remains to be seen.

Visit the largest private bunker community on Earth.


Inside Vivos apocalypse bunkers.


The developers of this Vivos luxury bunker really thought of everything!


Survive in the Southwest

Survive in the Southwest

Luxury missile silo for sale with its own airstrip and private hangar

Much of the Southwest is desert, a climate many people believe is not ideal for survival. However, this isn’t true if you’re educated and prepared. All throughout human history we have adapted to survive in the desert by becoming a part of its ecosystem. In the desert, you will find sources of food, water, and even medicinal plants all around you, if you know where to look.


Bruce Francisco is an Atlas F Missile Base specialist, and he’s got his own custom luxury silo to prove it. On his website, Francisco has described his construction team as the “builders of the most unique secure real estate in the world.” Although he is currently occupying his custom Upstate New York silo, he also owns the missile silo site in the Southwest that he is ready to sell.

Francisco originally specialized in fix and flips, but then he had the opportunity to renovate the abandoned silo. After realizing he could land his plane on the old military road that sits on the property, Francisco originally intended to build his house on the property, having no idea what he’d do with the missile silo below. Then he decided, “Let’s do something crazy with this thing. Let’s build a cool home.” So he built a hangar and a private air strip, then decided to tackle the silo.


Details of the Southwest Property

This unique property is currently available in an undisclosed location, which shows that the builder takes security seriously.  The price of this Atlas F Missile Base is not specified, but the owner/builder, Bruce Francisco, can customize the site to your needs, for a price.


To build a structure on the surface would be $375K to $800K. To transform the property into a low-cost carrier airline site will run you $450K to $1M. The cost to transform the missile silo tube into an underground paradise that can hold up to 70 people for five years? $4M to $20M.


This property sits on 18 acres of land that, while remote, is also just a 15 minute drive from the city and Home Depot. One major benefit of the Southwest location is the silo tube is clean and dry. Most of these tubes have been breached by water at some point, with accompanying damage, making this a huge plus for this particular property.


Some of the other features of this Southwest Atlas F Missile Base include:

  • A clean, painted LCC
  • Water rights that have been grandfathered back to 1920
  • A two-mile paved easement that is wide enough to become a runway for your private jet
  • Extremely low taxes


About Atlas-F Sites

Atlas-F Series Missile Base sites were built during the Cold War, and they were designed to take a direct nuclear hit, making them ideal for survivalists. These sites were deliberately constructed far from heavily populated areas so when the Russians attacked, the bombs would not be aimed at big cities that would have high casualty rates. This is exactly where you’d want to be after the SHTF.


These properties have an above-ground launch control center that features 2,300-square-feet of finished space. This means there is plenty of room in this space alone for a typical open floor plan home with a full kitchen, two master suites, and a spacious private bathroom. However, with that much space, you could easily customize the property into any configuration that works for your situation.


Under the ground, you will find a silo tube that is an incredible 52 feet across and 185 feet deep, with seven levels. All of this sits behind 2,000 lb. glass doors that can be opened via a secure keypad entrance. There are also high-circulation vent tubes that lead to the outside.

The property can be powered by generators and solar power, and it is surrounded by three-foot-thick epoxy resin that is reinforced with concrete and steel mesh. It also comes with two wells, 200 amp electrical, phone and satellite capabilities, and an 1,800-gallon septic tank.


This missile silo has a constant climate of approximately 58 degrees, and it can be converted into condos or space for hydroponic gardening. As you can see, this property has incredible potential. Francisco and his team are able to install video surveillance equipment that will give you a full 360 degree view of the surface.


On the property’s website, Francisco has specified that he is only interested in corresponding with those who are serious about the property. If you are a serious potential buyer with interest in a luxurious Southwest silo home, reach out to him at



Learn more about the edible plants that can be found in the Southwest.


Take a peek inside Bruce Francisco’s Upstate New York luxury silo home.



Would You Trust eBay With Your Life?

Would You Trust eBay With Your Life?

For $595,000, You Can Buy a Survival Shelter Online

If you want to buy an underground communications bunker in western Kansas to use as your SHTF shelter, you’ll need to act quickly because there won’t be anymore eBay after the grid goes down.

This Scott City, Kansas bunker offers an expansive floor plan, and with so much space it would be easy to develop it into a luxury property. If you’re looking for a ready-made survival shelter with a ton of potential, this is it. If, that is, this is a real offer. The seller, officelistings, only joined eBay this past June, and their other listings are for low-priced office furniture. They are selling due to relocation and health reasons.


The seller is asking $595,000 or best offer, and in the listing he mentions, “Thought we had this sold, fell through so I am relisting my site again…” The seller mentions the site is a “must-see,” however, they will not send any plans or other detailed information until after they have vetted any potential buyers due to security reasons. This is a smart move, because making this information public will lower the site’s overall value.


Keep reading to learn more about survival in Kansas to determine if this may be the right shelter for your needs.


Kansas Survival Statistics

Here at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, we have written about the underground luxury survival condo project in Kansas in the past. The state is a popular destination for survivalists due to its current laws and low population density. It is legal to homeschool in Kansas, and the state doesn’t have the draconian gun laws other states are currently imposing. has placed Kansas 12th on their list of western states with the greatest retreat potential, and Boston’s Gun Bible has placed the state 13th for gun law rankings. Combine this with being the state with the 10th longest growing season, and it’s easy to see why so many preppers would choose Kansas for their survival destination.


The state of Kansas has a population of 2.6 million, with a population density of 31.7 per square mile. Compared to someplace like California, which has a population of 39,776,830, and a population density of 255 per square mile, and you can see that you’ll have a lot less competition for resources.


Here are a few of the drawbacks of sheltering in Kansas, according to

  • There is little crop diversity
  • The state is prone to tornados
  • There are few sources of firewood
  • The flat terrain may make it difficult to defend yourself


James Wesley, Rawles, the founder and senior editor of SurvivalBlog, gave Kansas an overall Combined Retreat Potential Ranking of 12 of 19.


About the Kansas Facility

This “VIP bomb shelter” is zoned commercially, but it is possible to have it rezoned as residential or agricultural. After TEOTWAWKI, zoning laws won’t matter anymore, but they could affect how you choose to use the shelter now.


This site also comes with the mineral rights to the property, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits.


The History of the Shelter

This underground bunker was originally constructed in the 1960s at a cost that was equal to $4 million today. It was built as a base of operations for a power-feed station on a hardened transcontinental coaxial-cable route. This route extends from Airmont, New York to Mojave, California. Part of the facility has been developed into a data storage center, and part of it was developed into a VIP residential area for the technicians who worked at the site.


The property comes with a keypad and keycard access that will allow you to access the cameras installed around the perimeter and throughout the facility. These cameras can be remotely operated, so you can monitor the property even when you’re off-site.


The Shelter’s Features

The shelter sits upon approximately ten acres of land, and the underground portion of the space has approximately 8,000-square-feet of living space, with 3,800-square-feet of steel mezzanine that can be used as a second floor. Here’s what else it offers:

  • Functional blast doors
  • Walls and ceilings made of 18” – 24” reinforced military grade concrete and steel for EMP protection
  • A 177’ tower that can potentially be used to generate income
  • 5’ ceilings
  • A one-ton hoist
  • Four to six feet of earth over the top to protect from a nuclear blast
  • Three-phase power that is currently on 120/208 but can be upgraded to 480
  • A back-up generator that is currently disconnected
  • A 2,000-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • A 10,000-gallon stainless steel water storage tank
  • A new well
  • A functional bathroom
  • Clean floors
  • Two sewage ejector pumps that feed into a double reduction sewage lagoon system


The listing states the owner may consider owner financing for buyers who have a significant down payment. Is this bunker a legitimate offer? We’re going to keep following the listing to see if it sells. We’ll do a follow-up if and when it finds a buyer. You can see pictures of the shelter and follow the listing here:



Take a look inside another underground Kansas shelter.


If you want to survive in this abandoned nuclear missile silo in Kansas, it’ll cost you $2M.


Indiana Bunker You Can Buy Right Now

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own missile base, this is your chance.


This is the first in a series of articles featuring bunkers that are available for sale in the US and around the word right now. Join us at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist next week to learn about more properties that are currently listed. In this week’s installment: an Indiana missile base.


Indiana sits on the New Madrid Fault Line, and it’s one of the most densely populated states, so it’s not ideal for survival. However, if you’re from the Hoosier State and you’re determined to remain a Hoosier supporter no matter what, you’re in luck because an underground missile silo has hit the market.


This particular base was designed to be large enough to contain a 41-foot Nike missile that would rise via a hydraulic elevator, and the fallout shelter on the site is large enough for the 100 soldiers who were once stationed there, along with a 60-day supply of food, water, and other supplies. The site was active until March 1970, when it was transferred to a private owner, who bought the launching area in 1979. This owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now ready to move on from the property after his wife’s passing.


Imagine how much living space that could mean for you after TEOTWAWKI.


About Project Nike and the Base

Project Nike was first proposed in May 1945, and it was named after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The goal of the project was to develop an anti-aircraft missile system. This is where many rocket technologies and systems were originally developed. A number of these were also named after the goddess, including the Nike Smoke rocket and the Nike Hercules missile.


Dillsboro’s Nike Missile Base # CD-63 was originally constructed in 1958, during the Cold War era. The base was one of three hundred that were built around the country’s major industrial and urban areas in 29 states, which were known as “Rings of Fire.” These were meant to protect these areas from the Soviets.


How powerful were the Nike Hercules missiles? So powerful they could be fired up to 150,000 feet. They were armed with nuclear warheads and designed to intercept enemy bombers that were 75 miles away. This was critical at the time because our country’s defense strategists believed the Soviets would—and could—send their bombers to the U.S.


In interesting bit of trivia about the base: on November 14, 1960, local newspapers reported that radars picked up a UFO in the skies above the base, an allegation a Nike executive officer later denied.


If you’re ready to take your chances with population density, a fault line, and a possible alien invasion, this may be your future dream home.


Property Details

Nike Missile Base # CD-63 is located at 8854 State Route 262, Dillsboro, IN 47018. The property features 10 buildings and three missile silos, and it sits on 14.58 acres. Remember, these buildings were originally designed for military use, so they were built to last, using high-strength concrete that was considered at that time to be the top-of-the-line.


The house was converted in 1979, and there are still many elements of the seventies present, including gold swirl mirror tiles on the walls that surround the groovy hot tub and the vintage Corvette that sits near the swimming pool.


The fully-functional underground home also contains:

  • A 23’ x 14’ indoor swimming pool
  • An elevator
  • A sump pump
  • A sauna
  • Two bedrooms
  • A hot tub
  • A 14’ x 19’ aquarium, which is attached to the pool
  • Three horse stalls
  • 32’ x 40’ horse stables
  • A tack room
  • Hay storage
  • A full bathroom
  • An eight-foot barbed wire fence
  • An above-ground auto shop
  • Many other features!


There are also two other missile silos on the property that are ready to be converted into living spaces. If you love a challenge, this fixer-upper will be the challenge of a lifetime—one that could end up being longer because of it after the SHTF.


The property is being represented by Jay Knowles of Keller Williams. Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist reached out to Mr. Knowles for more information about the property, but as of press time he has still not responded. In an article in the Indy Star, Mr. Knowles said he has a couple of buyers who have already shown interest.


If you want to take a look at this property, you’d better act fast!


This isn’t the only missile silo currently for sale in Indiana, but it is currently the best deal. Don’t forget to check back next week to learn about more available post-apocalypse properties in the US.



Take a look inside a Nike Missile Base that sold for $227K in 2014.


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