Bionics for Today’s Millionaire Survivalist

Bionics for Today’s Millionaire Survivalist

A company called Esko Bionics manufactures exoskeletons at the facility in California. They offer this service in practical applications such as physical therapy, spinal cord injury, and retraining the brain-body link. Pretty amazing. Why more isn’t being discussed about this advanced bit of futurism, I couldn’t say. But I know this, when the SHTF and it’s every man for himself, I want a bionic exoskeleton to outrun the horde of wacky masses trying to tear each other to pieces.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider how the latest advancements in the field of bionics could change what’s possible for the people who invest in this technology now, while the world is still intact. This could be the next big thing, as they say…

The Six Million Dollar Man

With a bionic suit that controls the programmed motions of the body with greater precision and strength, programmable via electronics, and able to empower a paraplegic to retrain muscles and continue to live life, anything’s possible. It would seem to me that the EOTWAWKI scenario that would precipitate retreating to an underground bunker would presuppose that you were not more than mildly injured and could carry on with life. This offers a lot more.

As an ideal response to a less-than-ideal situation, I’d strap this on like a super-soldier, save my family, and flee Armageddon. Who knows? If the suit could be programmed to attach itself to smart instruments and vehicles, what’s to stop you from auto flying a jet, a boat, a space craft, or building a communications device? The sky seems to be the limit here, and even that can be pushed. If the military gets these, along with bulletproof exterior panels, they’d be virtually unstoppable, barring a significant blast from a weapon in the hands of an enemy.

Additionally, as these can be used to perform hard work, manual labor, and lift things normally too heavy, this is the perfect tool for doing the impossible, which is the best way to describe your garden variety “end times” scenario. This would actually allow you to withstand the impact of a sizeable jump. Imagine the applications while using a jetpack to survey an area after drone surveillance. Or facing off a wild animal with no weapons. Like that’d happen. Am I right?

So, if you’re a millionaire survivalist, then see what you can do to get your hands on one of these ASAP. It needs to be a part of your process. One in the home, one in the car, one in the chopper, and a dozen or so in the bunker.

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