Drone Technology for Private Use

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, we’ll consider the benefits of private investment in drone technology for maintaining control of the surface from inside the comfort and safety of your own home or state-of-the-art survival bunker.

Drone Technology for Private Use

While the Department of Defense continues to push the envelope on this budding future tech, it continues to open doors for the rest of us. While private security firms use drones for remote surveillance, or companies like Amazon use drones for remote package delivery in rural areas, the DOD can use the data for mapping surfaces and targeting enemies for a remote airstrike from satellites. Here’s a list of benefits to using drones:

Drone Uses:

In addition to security, drones are used to great effect in industries such as agriculture, construction, energy, inspection, insurance, mining, and of course, private and public safety. The reason for this is drones are highly customizable. This means they can be modified and outfitted with additional hardware and software that gathers vital information, especially in hard-to-reach areas, either due to location, proximity to danger, or to determine the feasibility of cost-to-benefit.

For example, in agriculture, they can gather information and updates about crop health, livestock, and irrigation efforts more quickly and frequently than conventional aviation. This also goes for energy, such as petroleum pipeline surveillance, of which I have a professional background. The challenges presented include the time and cost of planning a “manned” flight, which is subject to weather delays, landing to refuel, and the limitations of visual inspection, all while dodging other planes, birds, and even drones.

From a survivalist standpoint, we need to think like the DoD by employing best practices that address the long-term challenges to survival and success. Without armies of soldiers at our dispense, we’re often alone in our endeavors to practice superior judgment for ourselves and those for whom we’re responsible. When the SHTF and we’re in lockdown mode, do you really want to risk flight exposure, fuel tanks, and the possible loss of air traffic control?

Of course not. You want to sit in your home office or subterranean command center and use a computer-operated drone to fly to altitudes and distances that detect and transmit 3D aerial data. You’ll know if the coast is clear or if a civil disturbance has created a lockdown of a city or busy traffic corridor. In recent history, think of the loss of police patrolling of Portland, OR, or the LA riots of 1992.

As an added bonus, if you’re able to get your hands on the drone-mounted firepower used by the DoD, you’d not only gather valuable intel, but you’d also be able to neutralize a moving target without the risk of exposure, just as God intended. So, when considering your survival plan for an EOTWAWKI scenario, you’ll be glad you took the time to include drone tech in your arsenal. You’re welcome.

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