The Millionaire Survivalist in You!

The Millionaire Survivalist in You!

When it comes to us vs. them, the writing on the wall can be hard for many to read. Why? Clearly, it’s because the rich live in fear, while the masses of dissatisfied workers with no opportunities for advancement are used to braving the challenges of life. Or so the many screens we watch each day would have us believe. The reality is most people are too consumed by the result of their own powerlessness to contemplate the direness of their situations.

Today on Rob Raskins’ Millionaire Survivalist, let’s explore what holds most of us back while some of us do what’s necessary to take the prize. After all, we’re all human, we’re wired the same basic way, and we mostly have the same basic wants, needs, and fears. So, why the massive differences?


A rich guy with a small penis goes to a nightclub to pick up a girl. He struts and muscles his way up to the bar, right past all the taller, better-looking males, and talks to the hottest girl in the joint. He invites her back to his place. She looks down into his eyes like he’s crazy but becomes distracted by his expensive jewelry and the cash he flashes while paying for drinks. Cha-ching!

Outside, he opens the door of his expensive sports car for her. She thinks, “Boy, did I hit the motherlode or what?” They drive off. The End. Just kidding. What the hell kind of ending would that be? So, they arrive at his posh building, take the elevator to the penthouse, and he guides her through his “love lair.” She has a single mission in mind: “Bag the rich guy!”

She strips, and his jaw drops. He strips, and her jaw drops, but for a very different reason. She stares at his member (or lack thereof). Confused by his extreme cockiness (pun intended), she laughs hysterically and says, “Who do you think you’re gonna please with that little thing?” He smiles and says, “Me.”

What does this mean?

Tony Robbins famously said, “It’s not your conditions that shape your life, but rather your decisions.” When it comes to success, everyone has something they can point to while ignoring what they fear. Why? Society teaches us that if we don’t “measure up” to the arbitrary standards set forth by movies and TV, we should simply move along and accept whatever life gives us. It sounds crazy, but most people do this. Why?

The answer: most people aren’t willing to appear in a way that may seem unacceptable or ridiculous, and that this may be interpreted as crazy or pathetic, rather than bold and superior. So, then, why do poor people hate rich people? It’s not jealousy over money. It’s resentment that they enjoy a freedom and a power that seems impossible to them.

So, if you wanna be a millionaire survivalist, step one: get rid of your fear, doubt, and shame. Whatever you avoid, run toward it. Whatever feels good, run from it. Dare to step out of your comfort zone long enough to show your tiny package, watch the girl laugh at it, and then smile as it has zero effect on you. Obnoxious? Sure. Ridiculous? Of course! Psychologically liberating? Try it and see for yourself 😊

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