Welcome to Subterra Castle

This is an upscale missile silo shelter like no other.

Shawnee County, Kansas’s Subterra Castle is considered to be the world’s first missile silo home, and you’ll never see another survival shelter like it.


Ed Peden and his wife Dianna originally purchase their decommissioned Atlas E missile base in the early nineties, and they have been living on the property since 1994. At the time, the couple was known to be the only Americans living in a decommissioned silo, though we all know that is no longer the case.


From the moment you approach the castle and see its turrets, you know this is not your average survivalist shelter. Instead, it may just be the most fun place in the world to go after TEOTWAWKI. This week, Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist is taking a closer look at what makes this underground missile silo shelter so special and how you can get one of your own.


The Castle’s Transformation

In an interview with Roadside America, Ed Pedens described removing “hundreds of wheelbarrows of crap,” from the property, along with sheet rock that had actually melted to the floor. Unbelievably, when Ed first toured the silo, he had to do so in a canoe because the underground portion of the property was filled with nine feet of water.


Today, the transformation this missile silo has undergone is simply incredible. The Pedens put decades of work into the property, which sits on 34 secluded acres in an undisclosed location approximately 25 miles outside of Topeka, Kansas. The result is a truly unique property, with features you won’t find in any other shelter like a ceremonial stone circle, a recording studio, and a wood-fired outdoor sauna.



A half-mile paved driveway leads you into the property, which is surrounded by a security fence and has two observation towers. When it comes to self-sustainability, you’ll be covered here. On the grounds, you’ll find a three-room, 450-square-foot cabin. Also on the property are a one-acre stocked pond with a dock and a sand beach, along with an outdoor fire pit.


Some other features of the exterior of the silo include a 1,700-foot air strip, an RV hookup, cistern water storage, a chicken house, and plenty of spaces for gardening.


Regarding the interior of the property, it’s hard to believe there is so much going on under the ground here. There is a 6,500-square-foot, three-level underground home with four bedrooms and three sleeping nooks, a library and study, domestic and commercial kitchens, a diesel generator, and two bathrooms, along with a two-story apartment.

There is also an underground hot tub, a reverse osmosis water system, and a passive solar greenhouse entry. There are also 150 feet of underground entry tunnels. The drive-in “garage” door weighs 47 tons, and it took Pedens 25 years to open it for the first time.


You Can Own an Underground Castle

Today the Pedens help others to make their dreams of owning an Atlas F missile silo home come true. The couple are the owners of 20th Century Castles, a company that specializes in the acquisition and sales of missile bases and other underground structures. Currently, they are offering an underground silo in Central Kansas in the $300K to $499K price range.


This property is 19 acres of breathtaking, rolling landscape. Ten acres of the property are surrounded by a high, secure fence. You’d never know it from the scenery, but under the ground lies a concrete silo that is 52 feet across and 175 feet deep.


What was once the property’s launch control center is now a luxurious 2,600-square-foot living space, with three bedrooms, 2 ¾ bedrooms, a spiral staircase, fireproof construction, vault-like security doors, and a relaxing whirlpool tub. The property also comes with a water well, dual sewage pumps, and a geothermal heat pump that has dual water heaters, and much more.


This property is in need of repairs, but for a buyer with plenty of cash to invest, the end result can be as stunning as the castle.


If you want to take a look inside Subterra Castle, you’re in luck because the generous couple sometimes opens their home for public tours. They ask that you respect their privacy if they aren’t available at a certain time, but you are welcome to contact them at info [@] misslebases.com if you want to schedule an appointment.


You can also contact them for more information regarding the Atlas F site, but there is a $300 viewing fee to tour this in-demand property.


Join us again next week here at Rob Raskin’s Millionaire Survivalist, when we’ll take a look at an ongoing feud between two of the most prominent upscale bunker developers.



Take a look inside Subterra Castle.


The castle has been featured on many television shows.

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